Barry Adrian SHEPHERD

Chief, MTech Knowledge Engineering Programme / Chief, MTech Intelligent Systems Programme


Barry teaches Business Analytics, Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering at ISS and has over 30 years experience in these areas. Before joining ISS he was based in the US and specialized in web analytics and user response modeling for online ad targeting at Microsoft Display Advertising and in process optimization and data analytics for ecommerce order fulfillment at

Barry began his career as a researcher into machine learning and computer vision systems at the University of Edinburgh and then into knowledge-based systems development at the Turing Institute, Glasgow.  Moving to Singapore, he helped launch and then lead the MTech in Knowledge Engineering Program at the Institute of Systems Science. After leaving ISS he joined Cygron, a data mining software startup as head of technical marketing where he conducted data mining pilot projects for clients and helped the company achieve a Best of Comdex award for its software. Moving into consulting he worked with partners in Singapore and Malaysia to undertake customer analytics projects and conduct professional training for organizations across Asia, including IDA (Singapore), Hewlett-Packard (Singapore), IBM (Kuala Lumpur), Hong Kong Productivity Council (Hong Kong), Bank Danamon (Jakarta) and HDFC Bank (Mumbai). He has recently rejoined ISS.

Educational Qualifications/Professional Certifications

  • PhD (Computer Science), University of Strathclyde
  • MPhil (Artificial Intelligence), University of Edinburgh
  • BSc (Math), University of Southampton


  • MTech In Enterprise Business Analytics
  • MTech In Knowledge Engineering

What I Teach

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