Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore

At the Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS), we are committed to developing business and digital leaders and professionals for the future economy, through our Executive Education Programmes and Graduate Programmes.

We offer a myriad of pathways to help individuals acquire deep skills and knowledge. These holistic pathways enrich lives, grow careers and provide more opportunities for advancement in the industry.

As we turn 35 in 2016, we have nurtured more than 109,000 digital leaders and professionals. And in the past 365 days, we have enriched the lives of 7,130 PMEs.

That’s almost enough people to fill the entire 1,120 ft Marina Bay Sands SkyPark…



These business and digital leaders represented 1,238 companies in Singapore and around the globe.

In 2016, 6,117 aspiring business and digital leaders walked through our doors to join the Executive Education Programme (EEP).

If they all hopped on a plane at Changi Airport, ...

..they could just about fill up 7 A380 Airbuses.

..they could just about fill up 7 A380 Airbuses.

With 83 diverse EEP courses to choose from, students were spoiled for choice.

Good news!

We also launched 12 brand-new courses in 2016.

We’re always launching new courses to give our students access to the latest technologies and to meet industry demand. Keep an eye out in 2017!

Most importantly...


of students apply their newly acquired skills in the workplace.


perform better at work.


have already been given a new job or additional responsibility in the workplace.

Survey on courses conducted in January to June 2016

We helped 332 graduates launch themselves into a new career with our Graduate Programmes.

If our graduates went on an MRT ride together, ...

... they would occupy every seat on the train.

... they would occupy every seat on the train.


increase in graduates from 2015


students enrolled into our graduate programmes


increase in student numbers from 2015

195 graduate student projects were implemented.

Our 2 Centres of Excellence continued to transform nations, businesses, and lives.

Discover e-Government Leadership Centre

Launched for leaders to align their e-Government initiatives, meet national goals and keep up with industry trends, the e-Government Leadership Centre offer lectures, site visits and workshops on

  • Public Service Innovation
  • Smart Nation
  • Citizen Engagement, and
  • Digital Government Transformation

In 2016 alone, 681 officers from 88 countries benefited from the e-Government Leadership Centre.

Explore the Smart Health Leadership Centre

Founded to help make health systems smarter and future ready through research, the Smart Health Leadership Centre offers integrated training, cross-industry collaboration and mentorship opportunities in areas like:

  • Service Analytics
  • Design Thinking for Health and Wellbeing
  • Citizen Engagement, and
  • Health Service Transformation

In partnership with Medtronic, 90 participants formed multi-disciplinary teams to create design concepts in Singapore’s first Smart Health Designathon in 2016. The 3-week challenge saw groups of up to 5 design a smart health space to assist chronically ill citizens in the community, with key health monitoring and rehabilitation support in easy reach.

Our Next Big Thing

Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP)

For PMEs looking to convert their existing skills and secure a job in a brand-new industry.

In 2015, IMDA suggested there will be 15,000 unfilled positions in cybersecurity, data analytics, software/application development and network/infrastructure support.

To meet industry demand, we launched 2 brand-new PCP programmes in October 2016.

PCP for Data Analysts

Training and developing new data analysts for data-driven decision making in the workplace

PCP for Full Stack Software Developers

Training professionals to design innovative tech products that connect organisations with their customer base

Stackable Programmes

For PMEs looking to upskill and gain recognition from current or potential employers without disrupting their careers

To promote lifelong learning and encourage professionals to upgrade their skills, NUS-ISS is working closely with SkillsFuture Singapore Agency to offer stackable courses.

Designed to meet industry needs in line with the national SkillsFuture movement, the programme offers students the flexibility to work and learn at the same time.

Launched in 2016, the first stackable course incorporates 4 certificates that stack up towards a Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis.

Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis

Certificate in Digital Solutions Development – Mobility Applications

Certificate in Digital Solutions Development – Web Applications

Certificate in Digital Solutions Development – Design

Certificate in Digital Solutions Development – Foundations

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
Abraham Lincoln

To meet the talent shortage in Singapore, we are currently running courses on critical competencies needed.


Data Analytics

Software Development

To stay ahead of the curve, we are planning to launch up to 30 new courses in 2017 aligned to the Smart Nation agenda.

Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence


Deep Machine Learning

Want to be the first to know?

We hosted 21 events, seminars and Communities of Practice over the year.


listened to guest speakers

enjoyed live demonstrations of new technologies

interacted with industry professionals

gained a ton of new knowledge

To fit all our participants on the CYCLON rollercoaster at Universal Studios Singapore, the ride would need to go round the track 55 times in total.

They’d be queuing for at least 82.5 hours!

365 days
525,600 minutes
31,536,000 seconds

of learning and fun!

Here’s a flashback of our 35th year!

27 January 2016

Disrupting Traditional Medical Models for Improved Health Outcomes

1st Smart Health Community of Practice Forum

03 February 2016

Agile Development with Agile Contract

4th Agile Community of Practice Forum

25 February 2016

Enterprise Architecture - The Singapore Prison Service Story

13th Architecture Community of Practice Forum

11 March 2016

Leading IT in the Era of Disruption

13th Architecture Community of Practice Forum

23 March 2016

Emerging Opportunities for Digital Mental Health

2nd Smart Health Community of Practice Forum

31 March 2016

Annual Luncheon

An annual event to celebrate our achievements for the year with our staff and stakeholders.

01 April 2016

Data-Driven Opportunities for Improved Population Health Management

NUS-ISS Seminar

14 April 2016

Agile Transformation Journey in IBM

5th Agile Community of Practice Forum

05 May 2016

Singapore Security Direction and Approaches to Smart Nation Implementation

NUS-ISS - (ISC)2 Seminar

12 May 2016

Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis 40th Commencement Ceremony

25 May 2016

Project Fair

An opportunity for prospective students to discover our graduate programmes and connect with potential employers, and a chance for organisations to find interns and full-time employees.

14 July 2016

Master of Technology Commencement Ceremony (Class of 2016)

15 July 2016

Learning Day

A day of learning and networking for a range of industry professionals seeking the knowledge they need to keep abreast of the latest industry trends.

21 July 2016

Enterprise Approach towards Cost Savings and Enterprise Agility

14th Architecture Community of Practice Forum

03 August 2016

Integrated Care in Singapore: if not now, then when?

4th Smart Health Community of Practice Forum

15 September 2016

Health Tech Speed Clinic

Smart Health Leadership Centre Clinic

30 September 2016

Why you and your organisation should consider ISO20000 for IT Service Management

6th ITSM Community of Practice Forum

30 September 2016

ISS35 Anniversary Dinner

A celebratory dinner marking our 35th anniversary since our inception in 1981. Minister Ong Ye Kung was the guest-of-honour for the night, attended by close to 300 guests consisting of industry leaders, partners, alumni, staff, and students.

09 November 2016

Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis 41st Commencement Ceremony

16 November 2016

Smart Health Leadership Centre First Anniversary

Shaping the Future Experience of Health

A day of learning, sharing and inspiration to celebrate the first anniversary of the Smart Health Leadership Centre, focusing on the power of collaborative inputs.

17 November 2016

The Role of Architecture at the World’s Best Digital Bank

15th Architecture Community of Practice Forum

24 November 2016

Stackup Open House

A valuable platform to showcase Stackup’s existing and upcoming programmes, featuring innovative products created and launched by our community members and alumni.

09 December 2016

PCP Employers Briefing

1st Briefing Session for Employers on Professional Conversion Programme for Data Analyst and Full Stack Software Developer

Thank you for a wonderful journey together in 2016!

Always Learning, Always Leading