Our approach to training, consultancy and research aims to be experiential and relevant to contemporary industry needs. Our lecturers undertake industry research to expand topical knowledge and drive thought leadership. Our graduate students work on applied research projects in the health sector to tackle real industry problems and create innovative solutions. Discover with us and enjoy the benefits of new perspectives and skill sets in your organisation.

Work With Our Students

We would love to work with your health sector organisation, if you are interested in setting a project challenge for our students.

  • Research projects should require 6 to 8 months to complete.
  • As their project sponsor, your organisation will provide a kick-start briefing to our students.
  • Students will share the project progress for your review at least once during this period.
  • You will be presented with project findings on its completion.

Research projects should relate to our post-graduate study areas in software development, knowledge engineering, and analytics. Find out more about our research elective projects here.

Conduct an Applied Research Project

Highlights from our recent health sector research projects.

  • Clinic locator app
  • Wellbeing for elderly people augmented reality app
  • Pharmacy ATM service


We offer a number of executive training programmes to support health sector professionals in developing the capabilities and knowledge to help improve performance or tackle workplace challenges. To support this, we are pleased to offer Smart Health Leadership toolkits that allow you to work through various activities at your own pace.

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