We have a suite of executive education and graduate programmes for the health and wellbeing sector. Our programmes are practice-based and designed to provide contextual insight and guidance to each participant. Gain critical capabilities to create impact in your industry.


These courses are designed with healthcare case studies and references. They are suitable for the healthcare practitioner or professionals looking to acquire broader skillsets and knowledge in the healthcare context.

Analytics for Pharmaceutical Professions

The Analytics for Pharmaceutical Professions is a basic elective course in our Master of Technology Degree in Enterprise Business Analytics. This elective is only available to students of our MTech programme. 

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Customised Training Programmes

Our training programmes can be tailored to the specific organisational requirements of your company. This offers the great benefit of allowing your co-workers to apply their new skills immediately to the organisational issues you are trying to tackle, allowing better absorption of knowledge for the participants, through experiential learning, with simultaneous dynamic problem solving for the organisation.

What You'll Get From Our Courses

Complimentary Post-Course Services

To facilitate the application of the frameworks, methodologies, best practices and techniques learnt during the course, we offer up to half a day of on-site services to the participant’s organisation on a complimentary basis within 3 months from the course attendance.

Experiential Learning

The Smart Health Leadership Centre builds its training programmes around the principles of practice-based and experiential learning. We bring in best practices and emerging concepts into the content of our courses, looking at how they apply to health and wellbeing services, and how to effectively deliver them in practice. We utilise living classroom experiences, where possible, linking up with external partners to allow our students to explore and apply techniques in real industry settings.


Our Instructors

Our lecturers engage in consultancy and professional practice, ensuring that our students are able to gain insights from current practitioner experiences, and are able to benefit from up-to-date knowledge sharing.

We go beyond the classroom to help you solve your organisational challenges.



We provide a range of support for you to find solutions to your challenges.

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Expand the perspectives and knowledge of your organisation through applied research project partnerships.

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