Professional Conversion Programmes

Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) are targeted at helping Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) undergo skills conversion and secure new jobs in different industries. These individuals will be given opportunities to re-skill themselves and obtain the necessary knowledge and competencies to take on new jobs in a different industry.  NUS-ISS PCPs include work attachment, which helps individuals to acquire real experience in the field. This enhances the jobseekers' competencies and confidence as they have the necessary skills to take on new jobs.

We work with employers and candidates to provide training, mentorship and work placements to convert motivated and talented professionals to serve in new job roles that employers require.

We currently offer Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs) for Data Analysts and Full Stack Software Developers.

Benefits of Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP)

For Employers
  • Effective way to overcome the talent shortage
  • Tap on the potential of the wider workforce
  • Convert motivated and talented professionals to serve in new job roles
For Professionals
  • Provide opportunities to learn adjacent and new skills which are in demand by employers
  • Displaced professionals can have career restart
  • Professionals at risk of displacement can take proactive steps to recalibrate their careers and safeguard their livelihood

Professional Conversion Programme Process

PCP Process_web

Important Note: Participants are required to bring along a laptop during training. 
Min spec – 8GB RAM, 64GB storage, Macintosh/Windows 7 or later. 

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Brochure download:
PCP for Data Analysts
PCP for Full Stack Software Developers