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Eight priority areas have been identified at the launch of the SkillsFuture Series as the main focus for in-demand skills development. Each programme across the 8 areas cover emerging and critical skills; that comprises a range of courses to cater to Singaporeans at all stages of learning – from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels. This is a platform to allow everyone to have access to quality industry-relevant training programmes.

The 8 areas are:


Data Analytics







Tech-Enabled Services



Digital Media









Advanced Manufacturing



Urban Solutions


In line with the priority areas, we offer Executive Education programmes across multiple disciplines to provide you with the skills and knowledge to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. The list of courses are:

icons-finance  Finance

Finance covers the application of technologies in the design, delivery and governance of financial services. It includes the digitalisation of financial services and adoption of Fintech. 
Domain areas: Blockchain, FinTech, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Risk Management and Compliance.


icons-data  Data Analytics

Data analytics involves collecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data, in order to discover useful information. Data and business analytics provide valuable insights to aid in decision-making.

Domain areas: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) (Applications and Platforms), Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Data Visualisation and Coding.

icons-cybersecurity  Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity refers to measures and techniques to protect the integrity of data, computing devices and other systems from damage or theft and preventing disruption to the functionality of the systems. It includes encryption techniques, cyber-intelligence and the development of security control mechanisms to significantly reduce risks and vulnerabilities.

Domain areas: Encryption Technologies, Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Risk Management, Cyber Incident Investigation, Cyber Compliance. 

icons-tech  Tech-Enabled Services

Tech-Enabled Services focuses on the use of technology-based applications to transform services-related industries such as supply chain, retail, healthcare, professional and security services.

Domain areas: Electronic Technologies (e.g. web, e-payment solutions), Geospatial Technology, Supply Chain Management, Security Systems, Digital Marketing. 

Full Stack Foundation: NICF - Client Side Foundation (SF)
Full Stack Foundation: NICF - Server Side Foundation (SF)
Full Stack Foundation: NICF - Persistence and Analytics Fundamentals (SF)
Full Stack Foundation: NICF - Security, Notification and Messaging Fundamentals (SF)
NICF - Agile Testing (SF)
NICF - Architecting IoT Solutions (SF)
NICF - Big Data Engineering for Analytics (SF)
NICF - Business Process Reengineering (SF)
NICF - Certified Enterprise Architecture Practitioner Course (SF)
NICF - Designing Cloud-Enabled Mobile Applications (SF)
NICF - Design Secure Mobile Architecture (SF)
NICF - Digital & Social Engagement Strategy (SF)
NICF - Digital Product Strategy (SF)
NICF - Health Analytics (SF)
NICF - Mobile User Experience Design (SF)
NICF - NUS-ISS Certificate in Software Architecture - Solutioning
NICF - Object Oriented Analysis & Design (SF)
NICF - Product Thinking for Organisations (SF)
NICF - Professional Diploma in Smarthealth Leadership: Capstone Project (SF)
NICF - Recommender Systems (SF)
NICF - Securing IoT (SF)
NICF - Service Analytics (SF)
NICF - Service Design (SF)
NICF - Social Media Analytics (SF)
NICF - Software Architecture - Solutioning Project
NICF - Strategic Design & Innovation (SF)
NICF - Strategic Product Manager™ (SF)
NICF - Strategic Product Market Fit (SF)
NUS-ISS Certificate in Digital Solutions Development – Design (SF)
NUS-ISS Certificate in Digital Solutions Development – Mobility Applications (SF)
NUS-ISS Certificate in Digital Solutions Development – Web Applications (SF)

icons-urban  Urban Solutions

Urban Solutions describes solutions that are aimed at improving the quality of living through designing and building environmentally-sustainable and liveable cities. These solutions include the development, implementation and maintenance of intelligent transport systems, smart cities and autonomous vehicles.

Domain areas: Systems engineering, Sustainability Solutions, Autonomous Transport Solutions. 

icons-advmfg  Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing involves the use of innovative and advanced technologies to improve products and processes by enhancing the cyber-physical integration of manufacturing. It involves digitalisation and automation through the use of devices, sensors and robotics for work processes. It also facilitates connectivity through the integration of information, computing and networking to improve manufacturing productivity, customisation, flexibility, predictability and performance.

Domain areas: Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT), Additive Manufacturing, Robotics and Automation. 

icons-entrepreneurship  Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the art of transforming an idea into a venture of value creation for market, through innovation and risk-taking. It covers financing options, go-to-market strategies, going global, and various aspects of business strategies and operations for sustainable growth.

Domain areas: Start-Up, Technopreneurship, Financing,  Platform Models, Business Models, Going Global, Product/Market Development, Sustainable Growth. 

icons-dmedia  Digital Media

Digital Media covers the creation, broadcast, production, and use of digitised content, as well as digital communications.

Domain areas: Immersive Media (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality), Social Media, Interactive Media and Games Development.