Stackable Certificate Programmes

Stackable certificate programmes are an alternative pathway for continuing education. They typically consist of a series of certificates that will stack up towards a full degree. Each certificate is a recognition of the knowledge and skills that you have acquired, making you ready for certain types of job roles.

Assessments and examinations are created for each certificate, to ensure that you have achieved the necessary level of competence in those skills. Professionals with prior learning or experience can take these assessments and be awarded the certificates if you pass the assessments. 

As an alternative pathway, the stackable approach promotes a culture of lifelong learning and enables Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) to enrich and upskill without disrupting your careers. It also enables you to gain recognition from your employer for your efforts and opens up additional learning pathways, as alternative qualifications and work experience can also be considered for entry into each programme.


Benefits of Stackable Certificate Programmes

There are many advantages to stackable certificate programmes:

  • First, you can choose to sign up for individual certificate courses without having to commit to a full programme. Such bite-sized training is particularly useful for working adults looking to acquire skill sets according to their needs at the appropriate times in your career, while balancing work and family commitments.
  • Second, stackable certificate programmes support lifelong learning, as study and work no longer need to be sequential, but can be interspersed throughout one's life. You take ownership of your learning - learning and re-learning in areas relevant to your careers, or for planning a career change. At all times, it supports a continued updating and upgrading of skills and knowledge.
  • Third, because the programmes are stackable, the curriculum responds quickly to industry developments and technology advancements. This ensures that training continues to be as relevant to industry as possible.
  • For adult learners, a stackable programme provides the scope to recognise your prior skills and know-how; awarding relevant credit exemptions so that learning becomes more efficient.

Who is it for

Stackable certificate programmes are intended as a facility for continuing education, with an NUS-ISS Certificate awarded for the completion of the courses and a corresponding certificate-level assessment. It is suitable for anyone looking to acquire specific skill sets and know-how, or an alternative pathway to obtain a graduate degree.

  • There are no programme level prerequisites for the various courses that make up the certificates. It strictly depends on your ability to learn the necessary materials and perform at the level of competence necessary to be awarded the respective certificates.
  • You may take certificate courses that meet your immediate needs, at your own pace. Certificates are standalone and can be taken separately (subject to course level prerequisites).
  • For those who choose to complete the series of certificates that stack up to a full degree, you will be awarded the same graduate degree as our full-time and part-time programme students.


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