Suddenly I See: The Untapped Potential of Vision Processing

Last year, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) developed a video analytics system, Smart Nation Sensor, in line with Singapore’s drive towards the Smart Nation initiative. Dr. Tian Jing, Lecturer & Consultant, Analytics & Intelligent Systems Practice, shares his thoughts on how vision processing can help businesses improve their productivity.

Managing the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity – It's not an "IT" Thing

As companies undergo digital transformation and the nation move towards becoming a smart nation, Singapore can potentially become a cybersecurity nightmare. Investing in cybersecurity technology alone is no longer sufficient - companies have create an informed organisational culture in which cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility. Tan Lay Ngan, Principle Lecturer & Consultant, IT Strategy & Management Practice, explains how.

More than just Pool Tables and Free Beer: How Start-ups are taking Technology beyond the Digital

With digital technology driving the world economy, start-ups are transforming the software development scene and disrupting business models. Lee Chuk Munn, Chief, StackUp Programme, talks about the unique traits of start-ups and how they are impacting the business world.

Growing Digital Talent for Transformation to Take Flight

We conducted a workshop titled “An Agile, Innovative & Data-driven Workforce” with Singapore Airlines (SIA) last year, as part of an enterprise-wide SIA Future@Work suite of programmes launched by SIA’s Corporate Learning Centre (CLC) last August. Read about how the programme empowered SIA employees to take the lead in innovation.

Putting Lifelong Learning on the Leading Agenda

Adult education is not easy, especially when there are work and family commitments to juggle already. But for Raymond Pong, Vice President of Information and Communications technology at MSIG Holdings (Asia), learning is a lifelong process and doesn’t stop after a receiving a graduation cap. Read about his experiences and why at 44 years of age, he has decided to take up the Master of Technology in IT Leadership at NUS-ISS.

Q&A with Eric Tham,
Senior Lecturer & Consultant,
Analytics & Intelligent Systems Practice

It was a strong belief in passing down skills that brought Eric Tham into the teaching field. With 20 years of experience in the financial sector and start-up scene, he enjoys interacting with students and seeing him apply the skills that they learn in their jobs. INNOVATE@ISS speaks to him to find out more about what drives him at work.

10 Mar 2018 NUS Open Day

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4 Apr 2018
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23 Apr 2018
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NUS-ISS celebrated Chinese New Year with Lion Dance

We welcomed the Lunar Year of the Dog with a bang with a Chinese New Year, complete with an auspicious Lion Dance, Lo-Hei and Chinese New Year goodies.

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