Director & CEO's Welcome

NUS-ISS Director & CEO Chan Meng

Welcome to the Institute of Systems Science!

We started in 1981 with an important national task of developing IT leaders and professionals. We never looked back – since then, we have built an excellent reputation in our local IT industry, consistently supporting our national IT capability development agenda for more than 30 years.

Over 100,000 alumni from more than 160 countries have benefitted from our programmes.

As a practice-based education institute, we are committed to ensuring that our programmes are continually relevant to contemporary practices in the industry and that the skills our participants and students gain through our programmes remain relevant for their future needs.

My aspiration is for ISS to play a central role in Singapore’s roadmap to becoming a Smart Nation. And through that, for ISS to become an institution with global influence, recognised as a world class thought leader in organisational innovation and business transformation.

Going forward, ISS has three key growth areas that will enable us to deliver even greater impact to our industry and our nation .

We are deepening our involvement with the key economic sectors, including health, transport, and e-government. We believe that by being involved in the business transformation that’s happening within each of these key sectors we will gain a deeper understanding of what it takes for organisations to address the challenges of Smart Nation and new business models. With this greater insight, our programmes can be tailored for optimal contextual impact.
Leadership development is another strategic growth area for ISS. Unless we can develop the leaders who can take the rest of us through these future challenges, and who are able to nurture and retain good talent, we will continue to be caught in the vicious cycle of the talent crunch. So we have expanded our suite of leadership development executive programmes, targeted not only at leaders within the IT industry, but also the future leaders of digital businesses.

Our third key growth strategy addresses capability development for what constitutes both the bedrock of the economy as well as the emerging industries of the future, namely SMEs and start-ups. Supporting the skill and capability development amongst these businesses, particularly in terms of productivity and innovation, we have exciting opportunities to help transform the sector, and create a substantial impact on the overall economy as a result.

ISS works in close partnership with all stakeholders to develop and inspire the next generation of infocomm and digital business leaders. Let's discuss your needs and collaborate!

Khoong Chan Meng 孔振明
Director and CEO