Implement information, cloud and software security to protect your organisation from cybersecurity threats.

Protecting businesses and organisations interest and ensuring their safety from cybersecurity threats.

Today, the digital economy has increased the opportunities for cyber exploitations including hacktivism, cyber ransoms and other related incidents that may bring down the entire operation of an organisation.  

The need for skilled and highly knowledgeable CyberSecurity professionals is becoming more critical than ever. Do you have the skills in this profession or require more in-depth knowledge in the CyberSecurity arena?

In collaboration with world renowned institutions, NUS-ISS CyberSecurity courses equip ICT professionals with an understanding of the online threats that potentially affect the businesses and functions within your organisation. Our courses provide the essential tools and techniques to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to these threats and contribute to your organisation’s continued success. NUS-ISS is the only official training partner for ISC2 in Singapore. 

Training Roadmap

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Corporate Classes

We are happy to conduct our courses in-house at your organisation. The same NICF funding applies. Email to find out more today.

Teaching Staff

  • Yunghans IRAWAN

    Yunghans IRAWAN

    "Yunghans is currently an associate with National University of Singapore, Institute ..."

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  • Angela HUANG

    Angela HUANG

    "Angela teaches and provides consulting services in the areas of information ..."

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  • NG Kok Leong

    NG Kok Leong

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