Data Science

Leverage on data and business analytics for intelligent decision-making and help your business harness its true potential.

Harness the full potential of data and analytics to gain a competitive edge in today’s business climate.

The idea of a Smart Nation is creating a huge buzz particularly amongst businesses and organisations. It’s not hard to fathom why given the array of potential benefits that it can bring to both service providers and consumers alike. Big data is an essential factor in any business success and a key focus in the Smart Nation initiatives. But it’s not the size of the data that matters; rather it’s how you utilise them that counts.

Data and business analytics are crucial in defining success for businesses. They provide valuable insights for more intelligent decision-making and act as a catalyst for positive change. The knowledge and information gathered are also beneficial in the effort to remain competitive and achieve sustainable success.

ISS provides a comprehensive suite of Data Science courses that will empower participants with the capability to make data driven and evidence-based decisions. These assets are pivotal in the development of effective strategic solutions and the effort to achieve greater competitive advantage.

The range of available courses includes the NICF- Statistics Bootcamp. This foundation course will equip participants with the capability to use R in their statistical analysis to facilitate more accurate and effective data-driven decisions. Another course on offer is the NICF- Social Media Analytics, an intermediate level course, where participant will acquire the skill to interpret social media data and produce effective actions based on the analytics.

With the increasing interests in business analytics and the advantages it can render, more organisations and businesses are expected to join the data-driven revolution. The Analytics and Intelligent Systems courses are designed to help your business harness its true potential and more.

For those who are keen to delve deeper into Analytics and Intelligent Systems, you may want to explore our Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics programme.

Training Roadmap

Download Stackable Certificate Programme in Business Analytics brochure

Stackable Certificate Programme in Business Analytics

Most of the courses listed above will enable you to stack up to the Stackable Certificate Programme in Business Analytics or Stackable Certificate Programme in Intelligent Systems programme.

Corporate Classes
We are happy to conduct our courses in-house at your organisation. The same NICF and WSQ funding applies. Email to find out more today.


Teaching Staff

  • ZHU Fang Ming

    ZHU Fang Ming

    "Dr. Zhu Fangming is with the Institute of Systems Science of ..."

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  • Nicholas TAN

    Nicholas TAN

    "Nicholas Tan is Principal Lecturer and Consultant at the Institute of ..."

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  • FAN Zhen Zhen

    FAN Zhen Zhen

    "Zhenzhen has been with Institute of Systems Science, NUS, since 2006. ..."

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  • Barry Adrian SHEPHERD

    Barry Adrian SHEPHERD

    "Barry teaches Business Analytics, Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering at ISS ..."

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  • TIAN Jing

    TIAN Jing

    "Tian Jing currently lectures in the Analytics and Intelligent Systems Practice ..."

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  • GU Zhan

    GU Zhan

    "GU Zhan (Sam) lectures Master of Technology programme in the areas of ..."

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  • TAN Jen Hong

    TAN Jen Hong

    "Jen Hong develops algorithms. He specializes in deep learning, image processing ..."

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  • WANG Aobo

    WANG Aobo

    "Aobo Wang is currently a lecturer and consultant with National University ..."

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