Our People

We believe that a successful workplace is made up of people who come together to mingle and play, and to celebrate the small wins and the big occasions

Our Core Values

We are honest, sincere and responsible in all our decisions and actions. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and respect diversity among staff, students, customers and partners.

We continually seek to inquire, learn, explore, experiment and implement challenging new ideas and solutions to deliver positive impact to industry and the nation.

We love to communicate openly and share our knowledge with one another. We actively engage all our stakeholders to stay relevant to the needs of our market.

We strive to develop and inspire the next generation of leaders. We aim to do our very best to excel and be a role model to others, with speed, grace and humility always.

We work as one team in everything we do. We collaborate seamlessly and synergise to achieve common goals. We value the contribution of others and are eager to help others succeed.

Recreational Activities

NUS-ISS’ Recreational Committee (RC) organises regular activities with staff involvement to have a little fun and celebrate various festivals together. 

NUS-ISS Post Annual Luncheon: Oscorns Award

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30 March 2016 – The community of NUS-ISS, our people, our alumni, students, industry partners, and board members came together to feast, celebrate a good year running, and to mark the transition of our Chairperson. After the event, we staged a parody of the Oscars, and ran an Oscorns Award to transition the Recreation Committee and acknowledge staff members who have contributed to our recreational activities.

NUS-ISS Team Building Day 

Team Building

9 October 2015 - NUS-ISS staff gathered together for a day of outdoor fun and mind-stimulating activities, where they appreciated one another’s strengths, internalised NUS-ISS’ core values and committed to work even closer as a team. 

National Day Celebration

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6 August 2015 - NUS-ISS staff organised its own National Day celebrations to commemorate Singapore’s jubilee.

Mindfulness Talk

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30 October 2015 - A talk on mindfulness, by Dr Gregor Lange, was organised for NUS-ISS staff where they learned useful exercises to keep their minds focused.

Christmas Celebration

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17 December 2015 - The season to be jolly came early for NUS-ISS staff as they enjoyed a time of treasure hunt, gift exchange and festive food at a mid-month Christmas party.

Mid-autumn Festival

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21 September 2015 - Mid-autumn festivities helped brighten the mood at NUS-ISS as staff members gathered to savour mooncakes and light snacks.


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10 November 2015 - NUS-ISS staff celebrated Deepavali with their Hindu colleagues, complete with games, snacks and henna.