Our People

We believe that a successful workplace is made up of people who come together to mingle and play, and to celebrate the small wins and the big occasions

Recreational Activities

NUS-ISS’ Recreational Committee (RC) organises regular activities with staff involvement to have a little fun and celebrate various festivals together. 

NUS-ISS Post Annual Luncheon: Oscorns Award

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30 March 2016 – The community of NUS-ISS, our people, our alumni, students, industry partners, and board members came together to feast, celebrate a good year running, and to mark the transition of our Chairperson. After the event, we staged a parody of the Oscars, and ran an Oscorns Award to transition the Recreation Committee and acknowledge staff members who have contributed to our recreational activities.

NUS-ISS Team Building Day 

Team Building

9 October 2015 - NUS-ISS staff gathered together for a day of outdoor fun and mind-stimulating activities, where they appreciated one another’s strengths, internalised NUS-ISS’ core values and committed to work even closer as a team. 

National Day Celebration

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6 August 2015 - NUS-ISS staff organised its own National Day celebrations to commemorate Singapore’s jubilee.

Mindfulness Talk

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30 October 2015 - A talk on mindfulness, by Dr Gregor Lange, was organised for NUS-ISS staff where they learned useful exercises to keep their minds focused.

Christmas Celebration

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17 December 2015 - The season to be jolly came early for NUS-ISS staff as they enjoyed a time of treasure hunt, gift exchange and festive food at a mid-month Christmas party.

Mid-autumn Festival

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21 September 2015 - Mid-autumn festivities helped brighten the mood at NUS-ISS as staff members gathered to savour mooncakes and light snacks.


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10 November 2015 - NUS-ISS staff celebrated Deepavali with their Hindu colleagues, complete with games, snacks and henna.