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You are now part of the ISS and NUS alumni community of leaders and innovators, as you’ve benefited from the transformative education here. Being in a vibrant and engaged alumni community will further enhance the value of your qualification and enrich your network of contacts.

We aim to reconnect over 4,000 ISS graduate programme alumni who have walked through our academic doors through networking events, project collaboration and by providing lifelong learning. Cultivating bonding opportunities and nurturing through networking events, the ISS Alumni acts as the catalyst to bring members together. Here’s how you can participate and contribute to your alma mater.

Giving Back to ISS

Drop us an email if you wish to participate in any of our upcoming events, or if you wish to give back through the various contribution platforms below:

  • Give guest lectures to our students
  • Share industry insights with our students and customers
  • Offer internship or employment opportunities to your juniors
  • Share your success story, or be featured on our next e-newsletter

Staying Connected


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Spotlight on some of our alumni

Welcome party for juniors

The graduating students from the Institute of Systems Science’s (ISS) Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics (MTech EBAC) programme treated their juniors to a welcome party, which consisted of a treasure hunt, called The Fun-Mazing Race, as well as a networking dinner earlier this year in January.

Entirely planned by students, with support from lecturers and funding from ISS, the objective of this event was to allow juniors the opportunity to network, ask questions and mingle with their seniors.

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Alumni Reunion 2015

Reunions are about celebrations and catching up — a time to reflect your journey after graduate school, and what you’ve accomplished so far. Reunions are also about reconnecting with your course mates and lecturers over shared stories and creating new memories with other cohorts.

Our inaugural Alumni Reunion held in Aug 2015 was themed ‘Old Friends, New Ideas’. Alumni spanning over 30 years gathered at Kent Ridge Guild House to catch up, exchange stories, network and make new friends.

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  • Mtech(EBAC) - Ian Lo

    Ian Lo, Singapore

    Solution Architecture Analyst
    MavenWire Pte Ltd

    Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics (MTech EBAC), Class of 2016

    ISS is known to be practical and industry-based, having lecturers coming directly from the industry. This makes the lessons and lectures relevant to the current working environment. Being a part-time student, I appreciate the fact that classes are conducted on weekends, which allows me to focus on my day job and broaden my understanding of how Data Analytics is being practically applied in the real world today during the weekends.

  • Mtech(KE) - David Low Jia Wei

    David Low Jia Wei, Malaysia

    Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder

    Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering (MTech KE), Class of 2016

    The Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering programme (MTech KE) was exactly what I was looking for - industry-oriented curriculum, experienced lecturers and hands-on projects that allow us to put our knowledge into practice. The classes are taught in an interactive manner, allowing me to build on my experience by learning from fellow classmates as well as lecturers. I am committed to continuous self-improvement in my career and the MTech KE programme is helping me achieve that.

  • Mtech(EBAC) - Maximilian Jackson Yap

    Maximilian Jackson Yap, Singapore

    Data Science & Analytics Consultant

    Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics (MTech EBAC), Class of 2015

    The course content was superbly well thought out with many industry examples. The lecturers were extremely knowledgeable and they brought with them a wealth of industry experience and academia experience. This really helped me put what I learnt into perspective.

  • GDipSA - Chen Mushi Luke

    Chen Mushi Luke, Singapore


    Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis, 39th Intake Winner of the Accenture Best Internship Project Award

    The first and primary reason for choosing this programme was my interest in computer technology, and NUS-ISS' graduate programme allows an arts student like me to cross over into computer science. Taking this course will allow me to gain relevant IT knowledge and skill set before I decide on my next step.

  • GDipSA - Goh Siow Chuen

    Goh Siow Chuen, Malaysia

    Quality Analyst
    OCBC Bank

    Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis, 38th Intake Winner of the IBM Gold Medal and Book Prize

    The experience and knowledge gained from the GDipSA programme has helped me to bridge the gap between business and technical requirements, enabling me to transform business ideas into system language and build better systems which are more efficient and user-friendly. This programme is perfect for people who do not have any technical background but are interested in venturing into the IT industry.

  • GDipSA - Maya Puan

    Maya Puan, Singapore

    Analyst, Application Development
    Avanade Asia

    Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis, 37th Intake Winner of the IBM Gold Medal and Book Prize

    I chose the Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis programme because I didn't have an IT-related degree and this programme allows people with no IT background to apply. The reason I decided to enter the IT industry is because I do not wish to be just a user. I want to be a programmer and come up with new applications that are secure and easy to navigate.

  • GDipSA - Adam Sia

    Adam Sia, Singapore

    Business Process Analyst & Software Engineer

    Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis, 36th Intake

    The lecturers at NUS-ISS were excellent in their willingness to go the extra mile, often providing information and tips which are sought-after in the IT industry. We also learned soft skills that are critical for the workplace. I truly enjoyed the GDipSA course and had my curiosity about IT systems fulfilled. I also gained the confidence to embrace my new career in a totally new and unrelated industry, thanks to all the lecturers of the NUS-ISS GDipSA course.

  • Mtech(SE) - Alfred Jayaprakash

    Alfred Jayaprakash, India

    Lead Technical Specialist
    Deutsche Bank AG

    Master of Technology in Software Engineering (MTech SE), Class of 2014

    This course caught my immediate attention as it has a balanced focus on both technology and management. It has lived up to its reputation - I can say with confidence that the course has added value and substance to my career. The NUS-ISS lecturers are one of the best that I have come across in the industry. If you are a professional looking for a course that has a balanced treatment on technology and management, then this is the one for you. I assure you that this programme will really change your perspective of the technology industry.

  • Mtech(KE) - Koa Ming Hong

    Koa Ming Hong, Singapore

    Senior Engineer
    Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA)

    Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering (MTech KE), Class of 2014 Winner of the SPH Gold Medal and Prize

    The Master of Technology course offers a good balance of understanding and implementation. I find the focus on problem solving and application to be very helpful in the transitioning of new knowledge into my work. The various industry case studies and experience sharing offer interesting insights and serve well to demonstrate the potential of the various techniques.

  • Mtech(SE) - Priyanshu Kumar Jha

    Priyanshu Kumar Jha, India

    Software Development Engineer
    Microsoft USA

    Master of Technology in Software Engineering (MTech SE), Class of 2013

    ISS offers a Master of Technology programme that promises an immersive internship programme, advanced electives and innovative subjects. This programme carries a perfect mix that is not offered anywhere else.