What Our Students Say

  • Lam Mong Yee

    Lam Mong Yee

    DBS Bank

    NICF- Certified ScrumMaster

    "Thank you. It has been one of the most interesting technical courses I have attended. Very insightful and relevant experiences shared."

  • Murugan Jeyapackialakshimi

    Murugan Jeyapackialakshimi

    Application, IHiS

    NICF- Managing Project Stakeholders : A Practical Approach

    "The course content was well structured. I enjoyed the workshops as we need to apply the concepts learnt and that made me identify the gaps and areas for improvement."

  • Bao Yajun

    Bao Yajun

    Application Support Analyst
    Exxonmobil Asia Pacific

    NICF- AIIM Business Process Management Master (BPMC)

    "An excellent course to learn about business process modeling and improvement with right concept and tools. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced. I have gained lots of knowledge from experiences and life examples that they have shared."

  • M Jarina Begum

    M Jarina Begum

    Account Delivery Executive

    NICF - Lean IT Foundation Certification

    "A very useful and practical course. Chandra is a very caring and great instructor. He ensures students understand the concepts. A very patient person."

  • Kelvin Lee

    Kelvin Lee

    Project Manager cum Business Analyst
    DBS Bank

    NICF- Certified ScrumMaster

    "The instructor is funny and energetic during the training, examples of real-life scenarios are relatable. The course is great and is beneficial to anyone who plans to apply the Agile/Scrum methodology in their company."

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Raghav Bharadwaj
Singapore is in the cusp of digital revolution in every sector. This course will give Digital Leaders, the skill set required to get you started on Digital Strategy Path. This course is and will be immensely helpful for people who come from traditional IT mindset.
Raghav Bharadwaj
Product Manager
3Pillar Global USA
NICF- Digital Product Strategy
Agnes Tay

The best part part of this course is having the opportunities to learn from the industry speakers, such as Nadine. Having not come from the same industry and with the emerging of technology and AI space world, Tzann and Nadine’s sharing of industry practices and experiences is the most engaging part of the course. Daniel is one great industry practitioner who reminds me of proper thought process and his sharp questions helps remind and shape the thought process as well as watching out for blind spots in the planning and implementation stages.

Agnes Tay
Business Analyst
Car Club Pte Ltd
NICF- Digital Product Strategy
Mel Leong
The group discussions and assignments were effective in helping us learn about the BPR methodology, common pitfalls and ways to navigate around them. It has helped us to better relate to our process transformation framework which we adapted from traditional BPR methodology and also equipped us with the necessary know-how to reengineer processes when we return to our own departments.
Mel Leong
Manager, Transformation Programme Office
Singapore Pools Pte Ltd
NICF- Business Process Reengineering
Maurice Yu
Comprehensive course content and the instructors are familiar with the topics.
Maurice Yu
Senior IT Manager
Raffles Institution
NICF- (ISC)² CSSLP CBK Training Seminar
Teo Lip Peng
The course covers big picture to some details. I enjoyed listening to the industry experiences of instructors and other domains that l don't come across in the course of work.
Teo Lip Peng
Head, Information Security and Technology
Fraser & Neave
NICF- (ISC)² CISSP CBK Training Seminar