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StackUp develop talents to become technologists at startups with aspirations to advance a smart digital world.

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NUS-ISS has all the fundamentals to lead this movement where we create an eco-system to help build the tech caliber of Tech Startups. We are poised to amalgamate the disciplines using a 'whole-stack' approach to co-create the next engine of growth in Singapore with technologists for technologists.

StackUp is a new curriculum conceived to transform individuals into aspiring technologists. It will equip students with the foundational skills required - from attitude and aptitude to technical competencies - to drive the development of market-relevant tech products from idea through to implementation.

Designed to help new startups and SMEs that rely on open stack technologies, this programme offers the chance to participate in class, immerse in apprenticeships and apply newly-acquired principles and concepts to real-life projects.


We develop stellar tech interns, tech recruits and tech talents to become technologists at startups to advance the digital fabric of a smart world.


Anticipate the future, seize the opportunities. It is our future and within our direct control to define our lives digitally.

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