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Immerse in world-class software development curriculum and training that connects research and practice.

A focus for advanced education and applied research in Software Engineering, Design and Development, linking academic theory to industry practice

In today’s modern age, software is the fuel of the technology engine. Without it there would be no social media, internet TV or radio and smartphones, amongst others. We would still be relying on traditional print media for news and when it comes to personal entertainment, we would be making our way to the shop for our dose of music CDs. e-Commerce would be non-existent and life as we know it would not have progressed to what it has become today.

As technology becomes an essential part of our daily lives, what separates one technology from another is its software. It is the key component that determines a technology’s user-friendly capability and, in most instance, making it fun to use as well. There’s no denying that we are in the golden age of software. Development and design are the foundations of truly successful and applicable software.

One of the tenets of software development is that skill beats scale every time. A small core team of highly skilled software architects and developers can indeed deliver high impact high resilience systems faster and better than a large team of less experienced workers.

NUS-ISS offers an extensive range of core courses to equip IT professionals with the necessary and important tools to elevate their competency and increase their capabilities, enabling them to make even more significant contributions to their organisations.

The Software Systems training curriculum is aligned with national focus areas and national training frameworks, which enables us to offer courses that are relevant and timely to the demands of today’s technology-driven business environments.

If you are interested to take your Software Engineering & Design career further, you may wish to explore our Master of Technology in Software Engineering programme.

Training Roadmap

Digital Solutions Development
Software Architecture
Architecting Scalable Systems
Product Management
Engineering Big Data
Architecting Smart Systems
Securing Ubiquitous Systems
Software Platforms


Lee Chuk Munn on Java EE and HTML5, read here.

Corporate Classes

We are happy to conduct our courses in-house at your organisation. The same NICF funding applies. Email to find out more today.

Teaching Staff

  • CHIA Yuen Kwan

    CHIA Yuen Kwan

    "Yuen Kwan teaches courses in the areas of object-oriented technology and ..."

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  • HENG Boon Kui

    HENG Boon Kui

    "Boon Kui is passionate with processes and methods in development of ..."

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  • Yunghans IRAWAN

    Yunghans IRAWAN

    "Yunghans is currently an associate with National University of Singapore, Institute ..."

    View Profile
  • LEE Chuk Munn

    LEE Chuk Munn

    "Chuk is with the Advanced Technology Applications Practice for National University ..."

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  • Felicitas SEAH

    Felicitas SEAH

    "Felicitas is a member of the Project Management Practice at the ..."

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  • Suriya Priya ASAITHAMBI

    Suriya Priya ASAITHAMBI

    "Suria has twenty years of teaching and consulting experience in areas ..."

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  • LEONG Mun Kew

    LEONG Mun Kew

    "Mun Kew is appointed as Director, Graduate Programmes of ISS. Prior ..."

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  • Esther TAN

    Esther TAN

    "Esther specialises in designing and developing internet / mobile solutions to ..."

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  • Swarnalatha ASHOK

    Swarnalatha ASHOK

    "Swarna teaches object oriented technology, web services and Java technology at ..."

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  • Kenneth PHANG

    Kenneth PHANG

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  • Prasanna VEERAPANDI

    Prasanna VEERAPANDI

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  • Lisa ONG

    Lisa ONG

    "Lisa is with the Software Engineering and Design Practice, StackUp program ..."

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  • TAN Cher Wah

    TAN Cher Wah

    "Cher Wah has over 20 years of software development experience in ..."

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