EBAC Welcome Party

28 January 2015

The graduating students from the Institute of Systems Science’s (ISS) Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics (MTech EBAC) programme treated their juniors to a welcome party, which consisted of a treasure hunt, called The Fun-Mazing Race, as well as a networking dinner earlier this year in January.

Entirely planned by students, with support from lecturers and funding from ISS, the objective of this event was to allow juniors the opportunity to network, ask questions and mingle with their seniors.

Juniors and seniors of the MTech EBAC programme formed teams and had to select one of three routes which would bring them around the NUS’ west campus to locations including UTown, College of Alice & Peter Tan, Prince George’s Park Residences and the School of Computing. This also helped the juniors familiarise and navigate their way around the university. At every checkpoint, teams had to scan a QR code to answer some questions and then take a selfie, which they have to send to the organisers stationed at ISS.

A total of 70 students attended the event, which ended with a buffet dinner. Some lecturers joined in during dinner to show their support, and get to know the juniors better as well. The juniors enjoyed the welcome party and plan to organise one for the new batch of students next year as well.

Vishnu Raj, one of the event organisers shared, “The objective behind the event was to get the current batch of students to meet their juniors. We didn’t have this opportunity when we first joined, and would like the new batch of students to have it. We spent a lot of time preparing but it was all worth it.”