Associate / Lecturer & Consultant, Software Engineering & Design Practice

The National University of Singapore Institute of Systems Science (ISS) was established in 1981 as a specialist continuing education institute to develop Infocomm leaders and drive business and organisation innovation. NUS-ISS offers world-class practice oriented graduate programmes and professional development courses. We also conduct applied research and provide consulting services to industry to help drive innovation in the public and private sectors.  More than 120,000 professionals from over 6,800 organisations across all industry sectors have benefitted from our programmes.

We are looking for someone who enjoys exploring latest software design and development methods, tools and solutions.  He or she is passionate in imparting his or her IT knowledge and skillsets to learners through hands-on workshop and industry-relevant projects.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Design, develop and teach courses in the software design and development.
  • Supervise student projects and internships in industry.
  • Mentor and guide students during their learning journey.
  • Explore the use of emerging technologies and methodologies through student projects and consultancy engagements.


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology
  • Knowledge of modern software engineering practices, ideally one or more of the following:
    • Software design and development in Android, Java (Spring, JEE, REACT) and/or python.
    • Object-oriented component-based software development and testing.
    • IoT and Intelligent systems incorporating Artificial Intelligence capabilities.
    • Agile SDLC lifecycle processes, techniques and tools, e.g., Scrum, DevOps and automation, etc
  • Have been involved in several cycles of software product development.
  • Knowledge of managing data within software applications, including their design and implementation.
  • Knowledge of web and mobile application design and implementation, including hybrid mobile architectures.
  • Passion for staying at the leading edge of the field and acquiring new skills in related areas
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Able to meet deadlines, work within an international environment, exchange knowledge with colleagues and be up-to-date with industry developments
  • Ability and willingness to learn quickly and independently
  • Strong critical thinking skills.

This role is not restricted to ‘education professionals’.  We welcome candidates who are from the industry and are passionate to make a difference in developing and inspiring the next generation of digital talent.                      

Application form and information about the Institute can be found at  For interested applicants, please write in to  We regret that only shortlisted candidates would be notified.

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