Our Capacity Building Philosophy

We believe in helping our partner countries develop their own citizens' capability in a systematic way that will be directly and immediately useful in their countries.  We also believe that by doing so, these countries can become self-sufficient in implementing electronic services. This will create the sustainability necessary for them to deploy e-government successfully.

To date, we have engaged over 5,500 Government Officers from 134 countries around the world, from South Asia to Greater China, ASEAN countries, Africa and The Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC).


eGL aims to leverage Singapore’s rich experience and accomplishments to share and build capabilities in governments desiring to enhance governance and services to their citizens and enterprises though the use of InfoComm Technologies (ICT). We conduct workshops to support leaders in achieving a shared e-government Vision for their department, ministry, and country. We help to align e-Government programmes that lead to fulfilment of economic or societal growth drivers towards the country’s development. To deliver a comprehensive program, we work closely with domain experts, government agencies and renowned institutions of higher learning and research.

The domains include Smart City, Trade & Finance, Law & Justice, Health, Education and public administration policies. This offers a holistic programme that includes policies, processes and ICT management capability-building blocks for successful e-government initiatives.


Innovate and transform through digital government education and consulting.


A world-class leader in digital government education, consulting and research.

Key Objectives:

  • To provide public sector digital government leadership education.
  • To conduct research and provide thought leadership on the use of ICT for the development and implementation of public policies.
  • To provide advisory services on digital government, ICT governance and ICT management for the public and public-related services.