Explore customised services and partnerships to develop your organisation's internal leadership and digital capabilities.

Work with us to solve your challenges.

We provide tailored solutions to support leaders and organisations in developing your internal leadership and digital capabilities, so you can excel amidst the demands of an evolving technology landscape.

Consulting (EGL 2015 500px)

Consulting & Applied Research

Tap into the NUS-ISS experience in an applied research or consulting project with a train-and-mentor model, ensuring optimum knowledge application at work.

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Training (LD2016 500px)

Corporate Courses

Experience an end-to-end capability development journey, customised workplace training for your employees, fit to your organisational needs.

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Internships & Placements (Recruitment 2015 500px)

Internship & Placements

Tap on our talent pool to augment your organisation's technological skills and prepare your business for the digital future.

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Thought Leadership (DID Conf 2015 500px)

Thought Leadership

Find out the latest insights in Singapore and internationally on matters surrounding organisational innovation and digital infocomm technology.

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