ISS Seminar - Online Collaboration: Fact or Fiction?

Online Collaboration is the child of Knowledge Management and the Internet - the "working" partner of Social Media, a new paradigm of professional cooperation in organisations made possible by the social capabilities of the web. It is also the open secret to solving the productivity problems entrenched in many companies stuck in the world of emails and silos. Implementing and adopting online collaboration is, however, easier said than done.

In this seminar, you will hear:

  • State of online collaboration in Singapore
  • Overview of selected online collaboration tools
  • The importance of culture and adoption


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Who Should Attend

Professionals dealing with or managing people (especially in a team), knowledge management, innovation and organisational excellence, project/task management, and enterprise online collaboration tools. If you're keen to hear about how online collaboration tools are helping organisations communicate, cooperate and work more productively, this seminar is for you.

Date / Time / Venue
  • 24 Jun 2015, Wednesday
  • 9:00am – 12:30pm (Registration begins at 8:30am)
  • Institute of Systems Science
    25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
    Singapore 119615
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Free Admission Register Now Registrations ends on Monday, 22 Jun 2015 Seats are limited and will be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Seminar Agenda

8:30am Registration
9:00am Welcome Address
9:05am Collaboration Technology in Today's Working Environment

Mr. Peter Butsch Collaboration Solutions Specialist, IBM Singapore

Most organisations recognise the potential of collaboration technologies but many don’t know where to start or how to advance their goals. In fact, only 20 percent believe their organisation is currently acting truly collaborative, based on IBM research. This presentation will cover how collaboration technologies are evolving in the market and what pioneers are doing right. IBM will provide insights into its own adoption process and share best practices with the participants.

9:50am Bridging the gaps: how utility drives adoption of enterprise social networks

Ms. Sharon O'Dea Head of Digital Communications, Standard Chartered Bank

There are many hurdles to overcome in order to get an Enterprise Social Network up and running. They include understanding the potential benefits and convincing stakeholders, and dealing with compliance challenges. It is also about building adoption, which involves not just communications and culture change – but is mostly about creating something of value to users.

10:35am Coffee Break
11:05 pm Online Collaboration - What's Up In Singapore?

Mr. Chia Han-Leon Lecturer, Social Media, Institute of Systems Science, NUS

"Collaboration", a magic word often invoked along with "teamwork" and "productivity" - where are we in its appreciation and use? Find out as we share the results of ISS's recent survey on online collaboration.

11:50am Panel Discussion

Led byDr. Leong Mun Kew Deputy Director, Institute of Systems Science, NUS

To tackle the quality and productivity challenges of the 21st Century, healthcare practitioners should be utilising a range of methods. Service Innovation and Design Thinking techniques are becoming increasingly popular in developing patient centred solutions to entrenched delivery challenges.

In this talk Stuart will outline some of the tools to enable you to practically adopt these techniques into current practice, what good practice elsewhere looks like and how health organisations can benefit from such approaches

12:30am Goodbye

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Peter Butsch Mr. Peter Butsch Collaboration Solutions Specialist, IBM Singapore
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Mr. Peter Butsch Collaboration Solutions Specialist, IBM Singapore

Mr. Peter Butsch is a technical collaboration solutions specialist working for IBM Singapore, responsible for evangelizing the collaborations technology market and supporting customers' adoption in ASEAN. He provides consultation and solutions to customers in the fields of knowledge management, social networks, messaging and real-time communication, facilitating companies in improving collaboration and communication, internally and externally. During his time with IBM Germany, he focused on transforming the cooperative banking sector and several industrial customers, many of whom are now ICS references and examples of the future way to work.

Ms. Sharon O’Dea Ms. Sharon O’Dea Head of Digital Communications, Standard Chartered Bank View Biography

Ms. Sharon O’Dea Head of Digital Communications, Standard Chartered Bank

Ms. Sharon O’Dea is Head of Digital Communications at Standard Chartered, where she is rolling out a new enterprise social network to 90,000 staff in 71 countries. Currently based in Singapore, she has worked in the public sector in the UK where she delivered an award-winning intranet. An early adopter, intranet expert and thought leader, she is 1/4 of the team behind, and a regular speaker at conferences in Europe. She has co-authored two books about social media, most recently "Share This Too", the CIPR’s guide to social media for PR professionals. Sharon is also co-founder of 300 Seconds, an event series which works to promote diversity at technology conferences.

Mr. Chia Han-Leon Mr. Chia Han-Leon Lecturer, Social Media, Institute of Systems Science, NUS View Biography

Mr. Chia Han-Leon Lecturer, Social Media, Institute of Systems Science, NUS

Mr. Chia Han-Leon has been working in the fields of online content and community development since the late 1990s. Before the days of Web 2.0, he led one of Singapore’s pioneer web magazines, The Flying Inkpot from 1997-2002, publishing over 1000 widely-read articles under his editorship. He has since worked with a mixture of private and public companies, in the areas of eCommerce, trade facilitation, online ticketing, knowledge management and digital social marketing. He has been responsible in a wide range of web-related roles such as web design, website QA, website development, online content development, community engagement and social media. Prior to joining ISS, Leon worked at Nexus, the national education branch of the Ministry of Defence, Singapore. There, he overhauled the online content and engagement strategy, redesigned the website and helped grow its flagship Facebook page from 4000 to over 26000 fans in one year.

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