ISS Seminar - Leading Healthcare Transformation Through Empathic Design and Technology

It is increasingly challenging for healthcare providers to meet the demands placed upon their services thanks in part to the combined pressures of an aging population and growing numbers of patients suffering from complex, chronic diseases. Many experts agree that the scale of these new challenges requires dramatically different ways of thinking rather than expending ever greater resources to simply extend traditional care model services.

Empowering patients to take greater ownership of their health and care management could create a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, with emerging technologies allowing collaborative and more holistic approaches across the healthcare ecosystem. Genuine partnerships between patient and care provider could allow health services to be redesigned and care facilities to be re-utilised, rightsiting care and optimising resources.

This seminar brings together different players in the healthcare landscape to explore how smart technology can be brought together with empathic, patient-centric design to create breakthrough solutions for health and care management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find out how new technology platforms and empathic design are being used to create new care delivery models
  • Explore the potential of Big Data analytics to transform the management of chronic health conditions
  • Discover key tools to help you create innovative solutions to entrenched care delivery challenges


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Who Should Attend

Doctors and healthcare providers, health administrators, health ministries, healthcare educators, health technologists, and anyone with an interest in healthcare transformation.

Date / Time / Venue
  • 21 August 2015, Friday
  • 9:00am – 12:00pm (Registration begins at 8.30am)
  • Institute of Systems Science
    25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
    Singapore 119615
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Seminar Agenda

8:30am Registration & Networking
9:00am Welcome Address
Mrs. Tamsin Greulich-Smith Member, IT Strategy & Management, NUS-ISS
9:10am Beyond the App: Experiencing Technology in Health and Care

Mr. Paul Thomas Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Strategy Services, Microsoft UK

The well documented explosion in the use of mobile devices and the accompanying "Internet of Everything" revolution is already transforming many sectors of our economy with hugely disruptive services such as Uber and Airbnb. Meanwhile the health and care sector is struggling with the basic issues of information governance and data sharing that are important when considering the sensitivities of the domain.

There are signs that the technology revolution is starting to happen in health and care with a rise in the use of wearable technology and mobile apps to manage aspects of health, fitness and diet. This upward trend is seen in all age groups apart from the over 65s where the needs and impact are greatest. How do we address that and ensure that the positive benefits of technology can be experienced for everyone?

9:40am Transforming Healthcare through Powerful Analytics

Mr. Francois Cadiou, CEO and Co-Founder, Healint

The opportunities for patient empowerment through data are continually expanding as the med-tech landscape evolves. Equipping patients to better manage and take control of their health, through technology and analytics, and to become true care partners with their doctors offers the potential to reshape care services, making the idea of targeted preventative medicine and tailored care plans a reality.

This talk will explore the role of data in helping both doctors and patients in improving health outcomes

10:10am Coffee Break
10:40 pm Using Patient Insights to Overcome Barriers to Care

Mr. Abhinav Krishna Founder, OurHealthMate, Singapore

Walking in our users shoes can help us to design technological solutions with transformational impacts. User-centric design is a common feature of successful innovations, and lies at the heart of the genesis of Singapore-based healthcare business 'Our Health Mate'. Founder and CEO, Abhinav Krishna, found the 'eureka moment' for his new healthcare service when attempting to support a family member through a serious illness, from afar.

During this talk Abhinav will share his insights and experiences in creating a shared portal for patient care, which allows doctors, patients and family members to collaborate for improved care delivery.

11:10am The Health Innovators Toolkit

Mr. Stuart Smith Chief of Service Innovation & Design Practice, NUS-ISS

To tackle the quality and productivity challenges of the 21st Century, healthcare practitioners should be utilising a range of methods. Service Innovation and Design Thinking techniques are becoming increasingly popular in developing patient centred solutions to entrenched delivery challenges.

In this talk Stuart will outline some of the tools to enable you to practically adopt these techniques into current practice, what good practice elsewhere looks like and how health organisations can benefit from such approaches


Panel Discussion Moderated by Tamsin Greulich-Smith

11:40am Goodbye

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Paul Thomas Mr. Paul Thomas Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Strategy Services, Microsoft UK View Biography

Mr. Paul Thomas Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Strategy Services, Microsoft UK

Mr. Paul Thomas is an Enterprise Architect at Microsoft Ltd (UK) in the Enterprise Strategy Practice, part of Microsoft Services Organisation. Paul leads Microsoft's Strategic Partnership with Kent County Council focusing on Next Generation Health and Social Care. He provides Enterprise Strategy Services to Innovate UK programmes, focussing on delivering independent living services at scale across UK based on the delivery of a citizen-controlled Personal Health Record.

A highly experienced Enterprise Architect, Paul combines his knowledge of the Health/Social Care business with the Microsoft technology portfolio and the worldwide organisation to bring together innovative solutions to the health and care sector.

Mr. Francois Cadiou Mr. Francois Cadiou CEO and Co-Founder, Healint

View Biography

Mr. Francois Cadiou CEO and Co-Founder, Healint

Mr. Francois Cadiou, CEO and Co-Founder of Healint, is responsible for driving the overall vision of the company. He has more than 13 years of extensive experience in pharmaceutical and med-tech industries, ranging from clinical development, finance, IT, operations, to market access. He spent 8 years in Japan and is fluent in business Japanese. The business ideas come from his experience with clinical trials and epidemiology trials.

Healint is a two year old Singapore-based digital healthcare analytics company, whose mission is to leverage data science to improve patients’ lives. Healint’s “Migraine Buddy” is the Number 1. migraine tracking app on Google Play.

Abhinav Krishna Abhinav Krishna Founder, OurHealthMate, Singapore
View Biography

Abhinav Krishna Founder, OurHealthMate, Singapore

Abhinav Krishna founded OurHealthMate, a company that is changing the way expats take care of family members back home. OurHealthMate’s platform allows expats to purchase medical packages for loved ones and get direct feedback from the doctor remotely and securely. Abhinav has successfully led his team to strike partnerships with major healthcare and clinics providers, key medical associations in India, and built retention with a pool of beta users. The company is eyeing expansion into South East Asia in 2015.

Prior to founding OurHealthMate, Abhinav has worked with start-ups in Singapore and California. He has also served corporate roles at Citibank and Merrill Lynch tackling online transactions and data security.

Abhinav graduated with Bachelor in Engineering and a minor in Technepreneurship from National University of Singapore. He remains closely involved in the broader startup community – as an advisor at JFDI start-up incubator, mentor at MGVD Think Tank and Start-up Chile.

Mr. Stuart Smith Mr. Stuart Smith Chief of Service Innovation & Design Practice, NUS-ISS
View Biography

Mr. Stuart Smith Chief of Service Innovation & Design Practice, NUS-ISS

Mr. Stuart Smith, Chief of Service Innovation at NUS-ISS, is an expert in service transformation and innovation. His experience spans major private and public-sector clients around the world. He built up an expertise in environmental informatics including GIS, environmental monitoring networks and computer models. During the boom, Stuart was headhunted to join a major global telecoms firm working in an "Internet Centric" service strategy team. Reporting into the Board, this team developed and delivered some of the most ambitious service innovation projects of the time primarily using internet based technologies. Stuart's primary role was to scout new technologies and provide change leadership in adopting these approaches particularly in HR and ICT functions.

On returning to the consulting world, Stuart acted as CEO of Wood Holmes creating a niche innovation company that worked around the world on complex service innovation, digital innovation and sustainability consulting. He was responsible for expanding the practice internationally with interests in mainland Europe, India and Singapore.

Mrs. Tamsin Greulich-Smith Mrs. Tamsin Greulich-Smith Member, IT Strategy & Management, NUS-ISS View Biography

Mrs. Tamsin Greulich-Smith Member, IT Strategy & Management, NUS-ISS

Mrs. Tamsin Greulich-Smith is a skilled communications, leadership, and service innovation professional, with international experience in leading and delivering fully integrated strategic communications, design and change management programmes. Having graduated from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine as an environmental scientist, Tamsin was the first jointly-funded post holder between the London Borough of Barnet Local Authority and Barnet Health Authority, pioneering collaborative and innovative health and environmental initiatives to tackle issues such as fuel poverty and obesity. Working for the British Government’s Department of Health, she managed the UK’s longest running public health campaign, the Heartbeat Award Scheme, developing leadership capability amongst local network managers through training and mentoring programmes.

Tamsin currently sits within the NUS Institute of Systems Science IT Strategy & Management practice. Prior to joining ISS, she was Managing Director of innovation company Wood Holmes. Whilst there she spearheaded the communications, partnering and customer experience design strategies for the 2012 Major UK Civil Engineering Project of the Year, the S$700M New Tyne Crossing.

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