The 2nd Smart Health Community of Practice: Emerging Opportunities for Digital Mental Health

During his talk, Mr Craig DeLarge will talk generally about the current and emerging applications in digital health which are impacting the area of mental health and illness. More specifically, he will focus on an overview of digital health wearables which have been designed and marketed to remedy mental health & illness.

These data and insights are derived from his work as Director of the Digital Mental Health Project, a project he founded in 2014 during a career sabbatical. He continues to build on the project today, in a part-time capacity alongside other digital health commitments.

The objectives of this event include:

  • developing understanding of the growth and impact of mental health on general health;
  • sharing advancements on the range of digital applications which are available for the support of mental health and the alleviation of mental illness;
  • a specific gained understanding of the mental health wearables options which are on the market, along with some insights about their business models;
  • inspiring individuals to recognise that they can play a role in (digital) mental health & illness.

Craig’s collated materials for the Digital Mental Health Project, can be accessed at:


Following Craig's talk, Mr Kelly Choo from Neeuro, an innovative Mind Wellness Technology company, will demonstrate Neeuro's product to give an example of how the technologies can work in practice.

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The Smart Health Community of Practice (CoP) is composed of professionals from across the medical, health and wellbeing ecosystem united by their interest in exploring how technology, data, innovation and empathic design can help people experience better health and care. The Community of Practice is formed with the objective of supporting the adoption of technology in innovative and integrated platforms across the health and wellbeing landscape, through peer-to-peer sharing, learning, and the promotion of collaboration across organisational and industry boundaries, through a vibrant network of practitioners.

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Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in the role of technology and innovation in transforming healthcare.

Date / Time / Venue
  • 23 March 2016, Wednesday
  • 6:30pm - 8:00pm (registration begins at 6.00pm)
  • Institute of Systems Science
    25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
    Singapore 119615
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Forum Agenda

6:00 pm Registration
6:30 pm Welcome Address
6:35 pm Emerging Opportunities for Digital Mental Health
Mr. Craig DeLarge, Head of the Takeda Digital Accelerator for Emerging Markets and Change Leadership Coach, WiseWorking, LLC
7:15 pm Product Demonstration

Mr. Kelly Choo, Chief Marketing Officer, Neeuro

Neeuro is an innovative Mind Wellness Technology company with a vision to measure brain activities for a healthier mind and happier life. Its first product is Neeuro Memorie, a neuroscience-designed mobile games platform to train these five cognitive functions: Attention, Decision-Making, Memory, Multitasking, and Spatial skills. To complete the experience, it is paired with the Neeuro SenzeBand wearable, which measures brain waves for better mind stimulation based on the user's current cognitive state.

7:30 pm Q&A
8:00 pm Refreshment & Networking

Speakers' Bio

craig Mr. Craig DeLarge Head of the Takeda Digital Accelerator for Emerging Markets and Change Leadership Coach, WiseWorking, LLC View Biography

Mr. Craig DeLarge Head of the Takeda Digital Accelerator for Emerging Markets and Change Leadership Coach, WiseWorking, LLC

Mr. Craig DeLarge is a digital healthcare strategist currently working as the Head of the Takeda Digital Accelerator for Emerging Markets, and a change leadership coach with WiseWorking, LLC. He is also a mental health advocate/researcher with the The Digital Mental Health Project.

He has held a variety of marketing roles throughout his career with Takeda, Merck, Novo Nordisk, GSK, J&J, Communications Media, Inc, IMS Health and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

He has spoken, taught & lectured in marketing, strategy & communications at Philadelphia University, St. Joseph’s University, Chestnut Hill College, Drexel University, Penn State and at various industry conferences.

He is also the author or The WiseWorking Handbook (Balboa Press), which has been written to guide anyone grappling with a challenging boss, colleagues or perfectionist self as part of their work and career. You can find out more, or purchase a copy here

He welcomes being reached at: 1), 2) Twitter: @cadelarge, 3), 4) and 5)

You may read about The Digital Mental Health Project at:

kelly_choo Mr. Kelly Choo Chief Marketing Officer, Neeuro

View Biography

Chief Marketing Officer, Neeuro Chief Marketing Officer, Neeuro

Mr. Kelly Choo is driven by his passion in digital media and its impact on how it affects brands and the everyday user on the Internet. His interest in technology and utilising it for marketing and branding purposes has lead him to be constantly on the cutting edge of matching business needs with Internet innovation even now as the Chief Marketing Officer of Neeuro, an innovative neurotechnology company that helps empower people with a healthier mind and happier life. Kelly co-founded Brandtology in 2008, which is recognised as one of the leading online intelligence service providers today. It was acquired by Media Monitors in 2011, and is now part of the iSentia group that was listed in the ASX in June 2014. He is also an Investment Mentor in TNF Ventures, which is under the Technology Incubation Scheme (TIS) from the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore and actively invests and mentors promising start-ups.

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