Smart Health Designathon 2016

Smart Health Designathon 2016

The National University of Singapore’s Institute of Systems Science (NUS-ISS) celebrates its 35th Anniversary this year.  Established in 1981 with the mission of building future Infocomm & Innovation leaders for Singapore, we are celebrating our anniversary by continuing to look to the future.

The Smart Health Designathon 2016 has been launched during our anniversary year, in partnership with Medtronic, to inform solutioning that will improve the future experience of health in Singapore.

The Design Challenge

The Smart Health Designathon 2016 is a three week challenge to design a smart health space that aims to assist chronically ill citizens in the community, by designing key health monitoring and rehabilitation support that’s within easy reach.

Designathon participants will work in teams of up to 5 people to research and create prototype models of a scaled-down HDB-type residential unit that is equipped in such a way as to enable people with chronic medical conditions to access the physical and digital solutions they might need to make it easier for them to live healthily at home.

Participating Teams will adopt a human centric design approach to determine the essential needs of the target population, healthcare and social support providers, and then to innovate and design a technology-enabled smart health space to meet those needs. NUS ISS Design Team will support and guide this approach.

The Benefits

Future proof your skill sets by finding out how to apply Design Thinking and Innovation techniques to the challenges we all face today.

Learn from leading industry practitioners and innovators, from healthcare and other industries.

Collaborate with new people, to improve your co-creation and innovation skills, to widen your innovation perspectives, and to uncover new insights.

Impact the future experience of health in Singapore, if your ideas are amongst those selected to be integrated into a smart health pilot programme being delivered by the NUS-ISS Smart Health Leadership Centre and Medtronic.

The Prize

A cash prize of $500 will be awarded to the team creating the winning design, which is judged by our expert panel to best incorporate the following elements:

  • Informed – the design should reflect a robust level of user research for effective health outcomes
  • Impactful – the design should incorporate features that address unmet needs in a powerful way to tackle health challenges
  • Innovative – the design should present new ways of using technology, data, space and/or services in order to solve difficult healthcare challenges
  • Integrated – the design should address user experience as a whole

The winning team will be invited to attend the ISS35 Anniversary Dinner on 30th September 2016 to receive their prize.

The Outcomes

The designs created by the shortlisted finalists will be used to inform the design and pilot of a living prototype smart health space to be established in partnership between NUS-ISS Smart Health Leadership Centre and Medtronic.

The winning designs will be showcased through the NUS-ISS Smart Health Leadership Centre, and at the ISS35 Anniversary Dinner on 30th September 2016.

The Process

Friday 9th September 2016
• Sign Up online before midnight on 9th September 2016
• No payment is required – the Designathon is free to enter
• You may enter as a team of up to 5 participants, or as an individual. We will help partner people up to create teams of 5 during the Design Innovation Bootcamp.

Saturday 10th September
• Design Innovation Bootcamp 
• 10.00am – 4.00pm
• Meet industry experts & advisors, join up with other participants to create a team (for individual entrants), and be taken through a fast-paced healthcare innovation training bootcamp, which will embed the key skills required to kick start an innovation project
• Spend the following week working on your research and refining your ideas

Saturday 17th September
• Storytelling & Pitching Workshop
• 9.00am – 10.30am
• Learn how to refine your value proposition and pitch your ideas. 
• Concept Development Clinic
• 10.30am – 12.30pm
• Gain feedback on your ideas from industry experts.

Sunday 18th September
• Shortlisting of Proposals
• Submit a 3 -5 minute video of your proposed idea to indicating how it meets the design challenge, how user research has informed your design, and what impacts your solution will have
• We will notify successfully shortlisted teams by Tuesday 20th September
• You have one week to prepare your refined pitches

Tuesday 27th September
• Judging finals
• 6.00pm – 8.00pm
• Shortlisted teams will pitch their ideas, live, to the judging panel
• 8.30pm: winners announced

Friday 30th September
• Award and Showcase (by invitation only)
• Presentation of award to winning team
• Showcase of best designs at the ISS35 Anniversary Dinner



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Who Should Attend

The Smart Health Designathon 2016 is open to anyone with an interest in transforming the future experience of health in Singapore.

We particularly encourage participation from multi-disciplinary teams that draw upon diverse perspectives and skill sets for innovative outcomes. So whether you are an existing healthcare professional, a software engineer or data analyst, a professional designer, architect or social scientist we want you to participate.

  • All workshop sessions and judging finals will be held at the Institute of Systems Science, 25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, 119615 Singapore.
  • Participants will undertake any additional research and development work, during the periods between workshops, off site at venues of their own choosing.

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