Smart Health Leadership Centre First Anniversary: Shaping the Future Experience of Health

The NUS-ISS Smart Health Leadership Centre was established in November 2015 with the mission of transforming the future experience of health through data, technology and design. At the core of our efforts to transform health is a solid commitment to collaboration, recognising the potential to expand the diversity of inputs to our problem solving activities, and to identify new delivery models through unexpected partnerships.

To celebrate our first anniversary we are hosting a day of learning, sharing and inspiration that focuses on the power of collaborative inputs, and which will be of interest to anyone with a desire to improve the way we experience health and wellbeing in the future.

Join Us For

  • Hands-on bootcamps - designed to help you understand how to apply some of the most compelling digital, data, and design tools to your own organisation’s health transformation journey
  • Seminar featuring practitioners from different corners of the health ecosystem, exploring the role of crowdsourcing inputs to improve health outcomes
  • An interactive showcase, designed to share some of our activities from the past 12 months, allowing you to explore what we’ve done and how we’ve done it through demonstrations and digital engagement
  • A chance to meet like-minded practitioners from diverse backgrounds, and potential future collaborators for your own health transformation initiatives.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in the role of technology and innovation in transforming healthcare.

Date / Time / Venue

  • 16 November 2016, Wednesday
  • 10:30am – 4:30pm (registration starts at 10:00am)
  • Institute of Systems Science
    25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
    Singapore 119615
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10:00 am Bootcamp Registration & Networking
10:30 am Track 1: Design Thinking for Healthcare Bootcamp
This two hour bootcamp will provide an introduction to the key activities involved in applying design thinking in health service settings, looking at the process and tools that can help you to ideate solutions to the most challenging problems in your organisation. 
by Mr Stuart Smith, Chief, Digital Innovation & Design, NUS ISS

Track 2: Integrated Care Bootcamp
During this two hour session, the facilitators will encourage participants to explore what an integrated care future might look and feel like for Singapore, from different stakeholder perspectives.
Dr Hector Upegui MD, IBM Curam Research Institute, & Tamsin Greulich-Smith, Chief, NUS-ISS Smart Health Leadership Centre

Track 3: Serious Gaming in Healthcare Bootcamp

This 2 hour workshop will explore the role of serious gaming to influence health outcomes, looking at the fundamentals of serious game design.
by Jonathon Pillai, TP-Autodesk Serious Games Hub  

Please note that you can register for only ONE of the bootcamp tracks above.

1:00 pm Lunch Break
  Seminar on The role of crowdsourcing for improved health outcomes 
Whilst a relatively recently coined term, crowdsourcing as a concept has been in existence for hundreds of years, as a distributed model of problem solving. It is the advancement of technology that allows its scale and impacts to reach new levels, with the promise of even greater potential.

This seminar will explore how we might experience greater impacts, greater insights, and greater scalability for health transformation programmes by tapping onto resources, expertise and data through crowdsourcing. Drawing upon diverse practitioner experience, the speakers will illustrate how crowdsourcing plays a role in helping their organisations achieve improved health breakthroughs. 

1:30 pm  Seminar Registration
2:00pm Welcome Address
by Mr. Khoong Chan Meng, Director& CEO, NUS-ISS
2:05pm Introduction
by Ms. Tamsin Greulich-Smith, Chief, NUS-ISS Smart Health Leadership Centre
2:10 pm Crowdsourcing Patient Experiences for Improved Chronic Pain Management 
by Mr Francois Cadiou, CEO and Co-Founder, Healint
2:40 pm Crowdsourcing Digital Innovations to Tackle Healthcare’s Challenges 
by Ivan Boo, Chairperson, Serious Games Association
3:10 pm Crowdsourcing Clinician Inputs for Improved Health Outcomes  
by Shwetank Verma, Healthcare Entrepreneur 
3:40 pm 

Panel Discussion

- Francois Cadiou, Healint 
- Ivan Boo, Serious Games Association 
- Wilson Chew, Allied World Healthcare
- Craig DeLarge, Digital Mental Health Project
Facilitated by by Ms. Tamsin Greulich-Smith, Chief, NUS-ISS Smart Health Leadership Centre
4:00 pm  Smart Health Showcase & Networking
4:30 pm Thanks & Goodbye

Note: The organisers reserve the rights to alter the programme/speaker without prior notice


Dr Hector Dr. Hector Upegui, MD, 
Worldwide Market Development Executive, IBM Cúram Research Institute
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Based in Munich, Germany, Hector holds worldwide responsibility for research, strategy and market development In Watson Health for the IBM Cúram & IBM Cúram Research Institute, for Disabilita management as well as for integrated care. He is responsible for strategic initiatives in these segments, identifying new and innovative best practices, developing them into business models and then promoting their success and usage around the world. Hector also provides advice to government and non-government organisations on how these trends provide opportunities for service delivery transformation and business improvement.

Previous to this position he joined the Workers’ Compensation Unit of Munich Reinsurance Company in 2001, where for 13 years he was responsible for analysing and benchmarking workers' compensation (occupational accidents and occupational diseases insurance) primary markets, as well as for providing analysis regarding its interaction with other lines of social security and social services. 

Having studied medicine at University CES, Hector holds a European Master’s degree in Social Security from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. He is a Postgraduate in Project Management and Postgraduate in Occupational Safety and Health Management. He is also visiting professor for the university CES and lecturer at the International Training Centre of the International Labour Office (ILO).
Mr.-Francois-Cadiou Mr. Francois Cadiou, CEO and Co-Founder, Healint View Biography

Mr. Francois Cadiou, CEO and Co-Founder of Healint, is responsible for driving the overall vision of the company. He has more than 13 years of extensive experience in pharmaceutical and med-tech industries, ranging from clinical development, finance, IT, operations, to market access. He spent 8 years in Japan and is fluent in business Japanese. The business ideas come from his experience with clinical trials and epidemiology trials.

Healint is a two year old Singapore-based digital healthcare analytics company, whose mission is to leverage data science to improve patients’ lives. Healint’s “Migraine Buddy” is the Number 1. migraine tracking app on Google Play.

Wilson Chew Mr. Wilson Chew, Stakeholder Engagement Lead, World Allied Healthcare View Biography

Wilson is Allied World Healthcare’s manager for communications and partnerships in Asia. A graduate in International Relations with a keen interest in equitable development, he has wide experience in non-profits focused on marginalised communities. This includes work in advocacy and outreach at Anti-Slavery International in the UK, as
well as in donor communications and community management at Singapore Children’s Society. With Allied World Healthcare, he works to maintain and grow a regional network of partners, using their unique resources to deliver basic health services in developing countries.

Ivan Boo Mr. Ivan Boo, Chairperson, Serious Games Association View Biography

Chairperson Ivan Boo will share about the Health Innovation Technology (HIT) Challenge which is a nationwide contest for healthcare professionals to submit competition entries that identify real healthcare problems and working with technology partners to present solutions that are innovative, engaging and sustainable.

Shwetank Verma Mr. Shwetank Verma, Healthcare Entrepreneur View Biography

Shwetank Verma is an entrepreneur and investor. He is currently an advisor to Praava Health, Bangaladesh and other startups. He is also a member of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) National Health Services committee, the FICCI National Health Insurance committee, a mentor at the AIM Smart City accelerator (with Ashoka University) and a mentor at the StartupBootcamp, Fintech Mumbai.

Shwetank is active in public health. He was nominated to the primary care task force of the Government of India and worked on a Gates Foundation project to reimagine primary care in Uttar Pradesh, India. Shwetank was the founder of MyHealthMate®, a chain of primary care clinics. MyHealthMate built a network of comprehensive primary care 'health hubs' in gated communities of more than 500 families.

Prior to MyHealthMate, Shwetank was an intrapreneur and early stage investor at the Richard Chandler Corporation, a Singapore based multi-billion private investment institution. While at RCC, he was the founding COO of Razi Healthcare (later Viva Sehat).

Shwetank started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in the United Kingdom. Shwetank is a qualified chartered accountant (UK). He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Nottingham, where he was a Foreign and Commonwealth Office scholar. Shwetank is a keen tennis player, enjoys cricket, food and has a passion for off-the-beaten-path travelling.

profile_pic_jp Mr. TP-Autodesk Serious Games Hub   View Biography

Jonathan Pillai oversees the Game Design & Development programme offered at Temasek Polytechnic – School of Informatics & IT. Jonathan also leads the TP-Autodesk Serious Games Hub which collaborates with the Serious Games industry. His areas of expertise include Game Design, UiUx and 3D. His most recent area of interest in research includes the use of games in education, gamification as well as the use of game technology in domains beyond entertainment.

Prior to lecturing at Temasek Polytechnic, Jonathan has over 8 years of experience in the digital advertising and interactive media. He worked as a Creative Director working with a variety of prominent clients from both the government and private sector throughout Asia.


Craig Headshot Mr. Craig DeLarge, MBA, CPC
Head of Digital Acceleration, Emerging Markets at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd
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In his current role, Craig is responsible for leading the digital healthcare strategy for Emerging Markets, including China, South Korea, Russia & Brazil, for Takeda Pharmaceuticals as the company seeks to create a powerful impact in digital health. 

In a 20+ year marketing & management career, Craig has worked in marketing research, promotions & media management, business development, brand management, knowledge management, eMarketing, relationship marketing and team/organizational leadership roles for a range of companies including Johnson & Johnson, Communications Media, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, Novo Nordisk and Merck. 

Craig has a strong interest in mental health, both from a personal caregiver perspective and having sat on the board of NAMI PA Mainline. In 2014 he founded the Digital Mental Health Project to further developments and thinking in this field. In particular the project was established with the objective of mapping the many ways digital technologies are being used to support mental health & prevent or treat mental illnesses & disorders. The goal of the Digital Mental Health Project was to educate, curate and connect the global digital & mental health communities in such a way that the responsible scaling of digital technologies might be escalated, to avoid and relieve the suffering caused by mental health deficits.

Craig is regularly invited to teach and lecture on digital health, marketing, consumer behaviour, communications, marketing research, sales, leadership, organizational storytelling and visual literacy at university level. 

He earned his MBA in Design Management from the University of Westminster, London, U.K., where his research focused on knowledge management & networking, organizational storytelling, the Digital Divide, media literacy and professional service firm management.