StackUp BMT (Build More Things) - Developing Ethereum Smart Contract

There is great excitement over Block Chain and Ethereum in particular.

What is Ethereum? Ethereum is a platform for develop deploying applications called Smart Contracts using a language called Solidity. These Smart Contracts can be used for commerce, voting, to show provenance, etc.

In this introductory Ethereum Smart Contract workshop, you will
• learn about Blockchain and Ethereum
• development tools, libraries and resources
• use Solidity to write and publish Smart Contracts
• interact with your published contract from a web application (written in Python/Flask or JavaScript/Express)

If you are an aspiring blockchain developer, coder or just merely curious about blockchain, this workshop is a great opportunity for you to learn about this exciting new technology.

Come join this workshop. Seats are limited. Workshop fees are priced at $214 per participant.
(Fee is inclusive of GST)

If you have been thinking about transitioning to a tech-related career, let us help you get started.
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Who Should Attend

Aspiring Block Chain developers, coders or just anyone curious about Block Chain

Some basic programming knowledge is required

What to Bring
Notebook running either Windows, Mac or Linux (Ubuntu Preferred)

Date / Time / Venue
  • 12 June 2018, Tuesday
  • 9.00 am - 5:00 pm (Registration starts from 8.30 am)
  • JTC Launchpad
    NUS-ISS StackUp Studio 1, #02-09
    Singapore 139957
Workshop Fees: S$214
(Fee is inclusive of GST)
Individual Registration Corporate Registration Registration ends
on Thursday, 7 June 2018 


Pre-Workshop Set-up

It is important that you have performed the following before coming to the workshop

Install Chrome browser

Download & Install Git for Windows/Mac

Download & Install Node JS for Windows/Mac

Download & Install Anaconda Python 3+ for Windows/Mac

Download & Install Visual Studio Code along with Solidity Plugin

Student’s computer should able to access