Across the Java Sea for Cross-Cultural Learning

Vandy Cahyadi flew 562 miles from Jakarta, Indonesia to take the CBAP® preparatory class, and took back a positive cross-cultural learning experience.

Vandy Cahyadi (in the photo) has just recently joined the Business Management Division of his company, PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia in Jakarta, after two and a half years being in the organisation’s IT division. Looking for a course that combines both his interest in IT and Business, he chanced upon NUS-ISS’ NICF – Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) Preparatory Course in Singapore, after failing to find a similar one in his home country.

Attending the four-day overseas course at Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS) is both a first for Vandy and for his company.

“This is the first time I’ve attended a company-sponsored course in my three years in the company, and it’s the first time my company has sent anyone overseas for training as well. So this is a really special opportunity for me,” shares Vandy excitedly.

The CBAP® course is designed to equip Business Managers, such as Vandy, with the ability to identify business needs and to determine the best solutions. It prepares participants for the CBAP® certification examination, which is recognised by many companies globally for the value and expertise the certificate holders bring to their organisations.

“The course is magnificent! The trainer not only provides us with the theoretical foundational knowledge on the subject, but also shares with us his own real-life experience in practice. The course has also given me some hands-on experience with Business Analysis,” says Vandy, on his experience with the course, “I can’t wait to go back [to Indonesia], and share everything I’ve learnt with my colleagues!” 

About the biggest cultural differences when it comes to learning in Indonesia and Singapore, Vandy says, “The training method in Singapore is definitely different from that in Indonesia. The CBAP® course requires participants to have at least 7,500 hours of Business Analysis (BA) work experience and that means the knowledge and discussions in the course are at a higher level. We are taught not just the theory, but also challenged to think and ask why.”

Apart from the course content itself, what Vandy found equally valuable was the multi-cultural mix of his course mates. “My course mates were all from different countries and different industries, so it gave me a different perspective on how BA works in different environments – something that’s definitely very enriching!” says Vandy, “it also shows how internationally recognised the CBAP® certificate is – that it’s worth flying from different countries to take the course.”

“Overseas students bring an additional perspective to the contents of the class. For example, if an issue faced by business analysts in Singapore is also faced by business analysts overseas, we could infer that this is a global or human-related issue. However, if the issue is only faced by local business analysts, the key to resolving it could be in the culture,” says Michael Tan, Associate, Business Analysis, NUS-ISS, who is one of the instructors teaching the CBAP® course.

Vandy already has his eyes fixed on another business-related certification course offered by NUS-ISS, “I’m interested in the NICF – AIIM Business Process Management Master (BPMC) course and hope I’ll have the opportunity to come back here for another course.”

The next CBAP® course will be held on 3-6 August 2015. For more information on the course or to register, click here.

Apart from the CBAP® and BPMC courses, NUS-ISS also offers certification courses and examinations in IT Governance & Risk Management, IT Service Management as well as Project Management. For a full list of the courses we run, please click here.