How will Singapore’s healthcare prepare for an ageing population?

Source: GovInsider | By: Medha Basu


As people live to an older age, they are more likely to develop complex and chronic diseases, like diabetes. One such disease is more likely to cause another and stay with us for life. But “our model of care wasn’t originally designed to accommodate that,” says Tamsin Greulich-Smith.

Tackling this requires silos across elderly care systems to be brought down, says the Chief of the Smart Health Leadership Centre at the Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore – a model referred to as “integrated care”. Crucially, doctors and nurses have to be linked with social workers because stress and bad habits at home can aggravate chronic conditions. “We believe that we need to look at how we can improve partnering between, for example, healthcare and social care,” she says.

Greulich-Smith and her team at the smart health centre brought together officials from the health and social sectors in November to discuss how this can be made a reality. Three key steps came out of the bootcamp.

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