Data analyst embraces change to secure a stable career

Source: Berita Minggu


TO KEEP IMPROVING: For a stable future, Mr Imann made the decision to enrol into the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Data Analysts.

When his previous company was bought over, Imann Kurniawan Salim lost his job as a trader. He then built his own trading system and worked freelance for almost 3 years.

However, he still wanted a stable career.

This led him to enrol into the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Data Analysts.

Through this programme, he was able to get employed as a data analyst in a Fintech company, Gobear, since March this year.

“Before this, I was analysing finances, stock prices and companies to gain insights and make decisions. Now, I still analyse data, but of a different kind. It is more focused on ‘traffic data’ to give insights to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and his colleagues”, says Imann.

Imann, 41, came to know about PCP from Workforce Singapore (WSG) website.

As part of the programme, he needed to attend classes in the Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore (NUS) for a month.

Imann had to complete five different courses like Customer Analytics and Predictive Analytics. At the end of each course, he had to sit for an assessment.

After completing the programme, Imann began working at GoBear and was mentored by a Data Scientist.

“I needed to study at a very quick pace. The learning curve is very steep and challenging.”

“Time is of the essence. I needed to learn many new things like coding, programming, data science analysis and using new software just to mention a few.”

Imann says that what he is doing now at work is only scratching the surface. He wants to continue learning and have a deeper understanding so that he can perform well at his job.

He advises those who are looking at a career switch that “The only constant in life is change. Therefore, you need to embrace lifelong learning. Don’t be afraid of change.”

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