Build continuous resilience and agility in your organisation through the agile framework and methodology.

The need to remain competitive and be current should be the primary objective of businesses and organisations alike. To continuously provide a service that not only meets a customer’s demands and needs but to also overcome internal challenges effectively with minimal disruptions can be a massive undertaking.

Agile software development is a set of principles for software development in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising, cross-functional teams.

ISS is a one stop solution for all Agile needs; from training and consulting to coaching. We also offer training for all levels in the organisation from C-Suite to Engineers.

ISS adopts an approach from both a process and a technical standpoint. This allows us to provide quality training to participants, rendering them with the necessary knowledge and skills, enabling them to self-organise and successfully implement the agile framework. Our Agile training courses are highly interactive and offer a “hands on” learning approach. Participants will be able to apply what they’ve learned immediately and successfully implement the knowledge within their teams, departments and organisations. Whether your team is new to agile or intending to build high performance agile teams; ISS’ Agile training courses and coaching solutions will fulfil your needs.

Training Roadmap

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Agile Community of Practice
This is held for like-minded professionals to share their experiences including successes, failures and learning points. It creates a learning platform beneficial for all parties and provides good networking platforms to extend their knowledge to a wider audience.


Join our Agile Community of Practice (CoP) community on our Facebook page at Agile@ISS

Corporate Classes
We are happy to conduct our courses in-house at your organisation. The same NICF funding applies. Email to find out more today.

Teaching Staff

  • HENG Boon Kui

    HENG Boon Kui

    "Boon Kui is passionate with processes and methods in development of ..."

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  • Yunghans IRAWAN

    Yunghans IRAWAN

    "Yunghans is currently an associate with National University of Singapore, Institute ..."

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  • LEE Boon Kee

    LEE Boon Kee

    "Boon Kee is a consultant and lecturer at the Institute of ..."

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  • Chandrasekaran PARAMASIVAM

    Chandrasekaran PARAMASIVAM

    "Chandra has a wide experience in Software Quality Management as a ..."

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  • Michael TAN

    Michael TAN

    "Michael, a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), has over 10 years ..."

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  • TAN Liong Choon

    TAN Liong Choon

    "Liong Choon is currently a Senior Lecturer cum consultant in ISS. He ..."

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  • Suriya Priya ASAITHAMBI

    Suriya Priya ASAITHAMBI

    "Suria has twenty years of teaching and consulting experience in areas ..."

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  • Swarnalatha ASHOK

    Swarnalatha ASHOK

    "Swarna teaches object oriented technology, web services and Java technology at ..."

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