Business Analysis

Learn the methods and benefits of performing business analysis to develop successful IT solutions.

Embrace the potential of Business Analysis and the business rewards it can bring.

Do you want to have the ability to contribute to your organisation’s success through the identification of new opportunities, realisation of better returns on investments, and avoidance of costs? The Business Analysis courses could be the right fit for you.

Effective Business Analysis brings about a better understanding of your organisation’s business processes used in the delivery of its services and products. The training provides you with the necessary tools and techniques to map and visualise business processes across departmental silos and make the required recommendations to enhance your

organisation’s operations. It is also a powerful change communication tool that gives you with the confidence and capability to articulate the need for change.

NUS-ISS offers a suite of Business Analysis courses directed at both business and ICT professionals to enhance your competency and empower you to deliver the right impact to your organisation. 


Training Roadmap

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Corporate Classes

We are happy to conduct our courses in-house at your organisation. The same NICF funding applies. Email to find out more today.

Teaching Staff

  • Nicholas TAN

    Nicholas TAN

    "Nicholas Tan is Principal Lecturer and Consultant at the Institute of ..."

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  • YU Chen Kuang

    YU Chen Kuang

    "Yu Chen Kuang was from Deloitte Consulting and Arthur Andersen, specialising ..."

    View Profile
  • GOH Boon Nam

    GOH Boon Nam

    "Boon Nam has over 20 years of management experience in IT, ..."

    View Profile
  • Michael TAN

    Michael TAN

    "Michael, a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), has over 10 years ..."

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  • Felicitas SEAH

    Felicitas SEAH

    "Felicitas is a member of the Project Management Practice at the ..."

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  • TAN Liong Choon

    TAN Liong Choon

    "Liong Choon is currently a Senior Lecturer cum consultant in ISS. He ..."

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