IT Planning, Governance & Enterprise Architecture

Enable the successful execution of your organisation's IT strategy through governance and enterprise architecture.

Adding value and dynamism to your business potential and organisation’s capabilities.

A successful digital strategy in a rapidly changing technology landscape can only be achieved with effective governance, planning and execution within a good IT framework. It is a key differentiator between an organisation that succeeds in the new digital age and one that fails!

A good ICT leader not only ensures that IT investments are aligned with the organisation’s digital strategy, he or she must be able to link an organisation’s business mission, strategy and processes to the Information Technology options and implementation approaches, in order to provide value and effectiveness to the organisation’s growth and even survival.

NUS-ISS IT Planning, Governance & Enterprise Architecture courses equip participants with the tools, techniques and skills necessary to develop the right governance and framework to support the organisation’s digital strategy, and maintain stability across rapid changes in the organisation’s technology landscape. 

Training Roadmap

Corporate Classes

We are happy to conduct our courses in-house at your organisation. The same NICF funding applies. Email to find out more today.

Teaching Staff

  • Nicholas TAN

    Nicholas TAN

    "Nicholas Tan is Principal Lecturer and Consultant at the Institute of ..."

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  • Richard TAN

    Richard TAN

    "Richard lectures in project management competency development and training courses; the ..."

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  • YU Chen Kuang

    YU Chen Kuang

    "Yu Chen Kuang was from Deloitte Consulting and Arthur Andersen, specialising ..."

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  • TAN Eng Tsze

    TAN Eng Tsze

    "Tan Eng Tsze is a practising enterprise architect consultant and lecturer ..."

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  • TAN Lay Ngan

    TAN Lay Ngan

    "Lay Ngan delivers courses and manages consulting projects on IT Governance, ..."

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