NUS-ISS SkillsFuture Series Seminar: How the world is experimenting with Blockchain

NUS-ISS SkillsFuture Series Seminar: How the world is experimenting with Blockchain

The blockchain revolution is in full swing, with Google search requests for the keyword “blockchain” increasing by 250%.

In simple terms, a blockchain can be described as an append-only transaction ledger. What that means is that the ledger can be written onto with new information, but the previous information, stored in blocks, cannot be edited, adjusted or changed. This is accomplished by using cryptography to link the contents of the newly added block with each block before it, such that any change to the contents of a previous block in the chain would invalidate the data in all blocks after it.

Prior to the advent of the blockchain, there was no way to secure and validate ownership in a digital asset or verify a transaction in a trustless, public manner. The blockchain is the first technology that enables the transfer of digital ownership in a decentralized and trustless manner. It’s easy to get sucked into the hype of one of the fastest-growing new technologies. But it is important to understand that blockchain has its practical limits. It may not be a suitable replacement for where centralization is needed (or at least where there is no added benefit to decentralization) or where transaction malleability is needed.


Who Should Attend

Professionals who are interested in blockchain technology and latest blockchain development in Singapore

Date / Time / Venue
  • 12 October 2018, Friday
  • 9:00am - 12:30pm
  • Institute of Systems Science
    25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
    Singapore 119615
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Seminar Agenda

8:30am Registration
9:00am Welcome Address
By Mr Eric Tham, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Analytics & Intelligent Systems Practice, NUS-ISS

Blockchain and Beyond

The discussion will explore the Blockchain on a fundamental, technological and practical level. The goal is to impart understanding on what the Blockchain is as well as its impact on the way we interact with systems and each other. Topics like ICOs, why they matter and how they differ from traditional sources of funding are covered. In addition, some existing use cases for Blockchain technology are also covered, and impact of Blockchain on individuals and societies.

by Mr. Randeep Melhi, Managing Director, Blockchain Center for Education

9:45am Blockchain and its implications on the real estate industry

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt many traditional industries in today's economy. One such industry is real estate, where many long-established business practices and processes still remain unchanged. How can Blockchain and modern technology improve a conservative brick-and-mortar industry, and what are the potential impacts?

by Mr. Ivan Lim, Founder, Real Estate Doc and Averspace
10:25am  Refreshment & Networking
10:50 am Harnessing Blockchain technology for Cybersecurity (Smart City, Smart Nation)

Cybersecurity incidents continue to grow, with escalating impact and costs that are often measured in the millions. Existing solutions are struggling to keep pace with the dramatic rise in cybercrime. Cryptographic-ally secure, immutable and decentralized, Blockchain technology can help effectively address multiple infosec challenges. Learn how Blockchain technology can be harnessed to counter the growing cyber security challenges in bold new ways – smarter, faster and at a fraction of the current cost as we head towards becoming a world-leading smart nation.

by Mr. Floyd DCosta, Co-founder @Block Armour, CEO @Blockchain Worx

11:30am Panel Discussion: Beyond Blockchain
Moderated by Mr. Eric Tham, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Analytics & Intelligent Systems Practice, NUS-ISS

Blockchain has often been touted as a solution looking for a problem. 2018 was cited as a year that will make or break Blockchain as many PoCs come to fruition and go into production. How has this year been so far for Blockchain implementations? Will it see a longer take-off runway or is it nearing the stage of disillusionment, especially given the fall-out from recent Bitcoin price plunges? What are the existing projects that are coming to the fore for Blockchain? What are the exciting real case applications to look forward to in the next few years? How should investors or the man on the street position himself for this innovation?

Mr. Randeep Melhi, Managing Director, Blockchain Center for Education
Mr. Ivan Lim, Founder, Real Estate Doc and Averspace
Mr. Floyd DCosta, Co-founder @ Block Armour, CEO @ Blockchain Worx
Mr. Prakash Somosundram, Head of Acceleration, XSQ:Blockchain Infrastructure and Investments 
12:10pm Thank You & Goodbye

Programme may be subjected to changes.


Randeep Melhi

Mr. Randeep Melhi

Mr. Randeep Melhi, Managing Director, Blockchain Center for Education
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Randeep is the Managing Director of the Blockchain Center for Education. As a founding member of KPMG’s blockchain practice in 2014, he has been helping banks in New York reconcile with the impact of blockchain technology on their business models. He started his career as a structured products professional at BlackRock where he learned how Wall Street operates before turning to management consulting. Randeep's experience allows him to marry blockchain technology to the old financial business models and connect these models to the blockchain ecosystem.

He moved to Singapore in early 2018 to help foster further the growth and adoption of blockchain technology in Asia. In addition to his role as Blockchain Lead, he also advises a select group of blockchain companies from a variety of industries from genomics to gaming to government applications. Randeep graduated magna cum laude from NYU Stern and holds a Masters in Global Finance from NYU Stern and HKUST.

Ivan Lim

Mr. Ivan Lim

Founder @ Real Estate Doc and Averspace
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Senior banker with 16 years of experience in retail banking spanning across commercial, consumer and high net-worth banking sectors. Ivan has also held senior appointments across the Region. He possesses a strong background in retail banking, customer experience, banking compliance, people management and leadership. Ivan is also the current organiser of Singapore’s International Blockchain Real Estate Association and an active member of ACCESS, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry association of Singapore.

Floyd DCosta

Mr. Floyd DCosta

Co-founder @ Block Armour, CEO @ Blockchain Worx
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Floyd DCosta is the co-founder of Block Armour and CEO of Blockchain Worx. With a background in Management Consulting, Floyd has over 17 years of international professional experience in setting up and growing international business practices as well as advising senior executives on decisive topics. His experience includes eleven years at Capgemini and spans a variety of industry sectors and technology platforms. Based out of Singapore, Floyd helps institutions harness the potential of Blockchain technology for digital transformation.


Mr. Prakash Somosundram

Head of Acceleration, XSQ:Blockchain Infrastructure and Investments
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Prakash Somosundram is an Entrepreneur from Singapore. He has built and exited successfully with a few businesses and has had a fair share of failures along the way. He has been involved in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world since 2016 and believes that Blockchain companies will be the key economic drivers in the Financial Renaissance that we will see in the years ahead. Built on the rapid progress that we have experienced with Digital Disruption and Transformation the next phase of growth powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we will see a new era of wealth creation and distribution to bring about Happiness and Prosperity. Prakash currently is the Head of Acceleration at XSQ Global, a Singapore based digital assets firm focused on investing and accelerating talented founders who have a passion for Token based models for Fund Raising and Corporate Development.