NUS-ISS SkillsFuture Series Seminar: Cybersecurity in Smart Nation

NUS-ISS SkillsFuture Series Seminar: Cybersecurity in Smart Nation

Many urban cities today, including Singapore, are forging ahead in providing a better living for its citizens by getting their cities to become smarter through the implementation of technology. Technologies such as cloud, IoT, data analytics and AI provide the foundational building blocks for enabling the smartness in our cities. While we are increasingly relying on the advances of the technologies to provide us the benefits of smarter living, the need to ensure Safety, Security, Privacy and Ethics is fast becoming the nemesis that we must face. Cybersecurity leads in this area and there are much challenges that we need to uncover, learn and address to move forward in this new journey of smarter living. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly intrusive as we embrace new technologies both in the workplace and our homes – a necessary evil that we must face.

In this seminar, expert speakers will share the current and future of the applications of Cloud, IoT and Platform technologies in enabling smart cities. The presenters will further provide insights to address Cybersecurity challenges in each of the technologies through Safety, Security, Privacy and Ethics considerations to protect the citizens within. At the end of the seminar, participants will become smarter about adopting the best of technologies while remaining vigilant against the threats that they come with.

Who Should Attend

Those interested in cybersecurity, internet of things and smart platforms.

Date / Time / Venue
  • 26 June 2019, Wednesday
  • 9:00am - 12:30pm
  • Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Event Hall 1-2 (Level 1)
    11 Eunos Road 8
    Singapore 408601
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Seminar Agenda

8:30am Registration
9:00am Welcome Address

By Mr. Tan Peng Wei, Chief, Digital Strategy & Leadership Practice, NUS-ISS

IoT – Breaking Bad

Internet of Things (or embedded devices) pose unique challenges for those responsible for managing and assessing their security.The devices tend to be less transparent and more tightly integrated than typical software and generally lack the host-based security controls (privilege separation, host firewalls, etc.) found on client or server applications. This talk will briefly address some of the privacy and ethical concerns with focus on the insecurity of things. Additionally, this talk will cover some of the unique constraints for threat modelling and assessing these devices, then walk through a case study of an assessment of a device and discuss the issues found there, including potential mitigations that can be applied.

by Mr. Cecil Su, Director, Technology Risk Advisory, BDO


Fixing the Last Missing Piece in Securing IoT

There is no lack of security principle in securing anything, be it cloud, application, systems or things. Most reported Internet of Things (IoT) security problems were related to products not incorporating security features. However to be fair, especially the very small things, even if the developers aspired to build the most secured things, there will still be a missing piece. The speaker will share the key security requirements of the IoT & cloud ecosystem; and also what the industries are doing to fix (or waiting for) that last missing piece. 

by Mr. Ng Kok Leong, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Digital Strategy & Leadership Practice, NUS-ISS


Refreshment & Networking


MAD – Injecting the Human into the Equation?

The advent of some recent technologies presents an unprecedented dilemma: do we decide the technological outcomes or does the technology decide the actions for us? In this talk, I explore broad segments of technology, including artificial intelligence, smart contracts, intelligent IoT, and others to identify the underlying ethical issues.  These issues extend into safety, security, privacy, legal, and other dimensions; many are inter-related.

by Dr. Woo Kang Wei, Executive Director, QuantumCIEL

12:00pm Panel Discussion

Moderated by Mr. Ng Kok Leong, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Digital Strategy & Leadership Practice, NUS-ISS

Mr. Tan Peng Wei, Chief, Digital Strategy & Leadership Practice, NUS-ISS
Mr. Cecil Su, Director, Technology Risk Advisory, BDO
Dr. Woo Kang Wei, Executive Director, QuantumCIEL

12:30pm Thank You & Goodbye

Programme may be subjected to changes.



Mr. Cecil Su

Director, Technology Risk Advisory, BDO
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Cecil leads the Cyber Security & DFIR unit for BDO Advisory. He currently leads various engagement teams on diversified advisory, security testing and incident response projects across vertical industries. His current area of focus is in IT Security research and security testing. He is a trusted security advisor and has been involved in a variety of security assurance services helping clients go beyond compliance, government regulations and corporate initiatives, resulting in better protection of their critical information assets.


Mr. Ng Kok Leong

Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Digital Strategy & Leadership Practice, NUS-ISS
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Kok Leong is the senior lecturer and consultant with ISS (NUS). His teaching interest is in IT security. He has over 25 years of industry experience and holds 2 master degrees. He is also ISC2 authorized trainer teaching information security (CISSP) and cloud security (CCSP).


Dr. Woo Kang Wei

Executive Director, QuantumCIEL
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Dr. Woo is Chairman, IoT Security for Smart Nation Working Group, ITSC, Singapore. At the invitation of IMDA, he leads a Singapore team (CSA, GovTech and the technology partners) to participate in the Global City Teams Challenge 2018, a global competition jointly organized by NIST and the Department of Homeland Security, USA.

He has contributed to Fortune 100 companies as well as ICT start-ups in the past 20 years. He received his B.A. degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Cornell University and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Theoretical High Energy Physics from Rutgers University.