Student Life

Your gateway to a vibrant and enriching student life. As an NUS-ISS student, you have full access to all of NUS’ facilities as well as a range of campus activities organised by both NUS and ISS.


Access the entire community of NUS – an educational hub complete with residential spaces, teaching facilities and study clusters. Easily accessible by the campus bus, by foot or cycling, we provide a lively, intellectual, social and cultural environment as well as ample spaces for self-study and peer learning.


Getting around NUS

The Transport, Logistics and Car Park Department oversees the NUS Internal Shuttle Bus Services.

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Food and Beverage

The Retail and Dining Services Department is committed to enhancing the overall dining experience for all our stakeholders.

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We provide primary care and specialize in family medicine and equipped with modern facilities.

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Sports and Recreation

We have a wide variety of sports facilities to cater to your different sporting interests. Check them out!

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The Retail and Dining Services Department is committed to enhancing the overall retail experience for all our stakeholders.

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We create activities for you to feel at home in your new environment. 


Orientation and Team Building

A fun-filled day for you to get to know your lecturers and classmates through games and activities. Be sure not to miss this opportunity to find out more about life in NUS-ISS!

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Junior Meet Senior sessions

Interact and network with your classmates from other cohorts to share experiences and learn from one another. 

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Commencement Ceremony

In NUS, we refer to the graduation ceremony as Commencement Ceremony. This is because now is the time you begin your next journey of learning and growth.

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Hackathons and competitions

The idea behind a hackathon is closely aligned to NUS' practice-based approach to learning. We work closely with industry players to offer you the opportunity to work with real business data and solve real business challenges for organisations. 

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ISS organises several seminars, events and Community of Practice Forums, which are open to all our students and the public. Glean insights from our own staff, as well as external speakers, as we explore the myriad of topics you may be interested in.

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International Students 

The Office of Student Affairs oversees the welfare of all international students in the University. You can seek their help if you encounter any problems while studying in NUS. You can refer to their websites for more information about Singapore & NUS respectively.


Administrative Matters

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Students who need assistance in looking for accommodation in Singapore can tap on the Student Residential Services provided by Office of Student Affairs.

Contact Information
Ms Hazmah
Tel: (65) 6516 4815

Estimated Cost of Living in Singapore

This is a list of estimated expenditure a single student may incur during your stay in Singapore. These amounts will vary depending on your personal needs and lifestyle pattern. Do refer to the sample data as a rough guide for planning your expected living costs.

Please note that this sample only includes expenses for your daily essentials and does not account for non-essentials and major items such as shopping, entertainment, computers, electronic/communication devices, travel plans, etc.

Estimated Costs (per month)




S$280 - S$720*

S$500 - S$1,000#

Food (3 meals a day)

S$400 - S$800

S$400 - S$800

Public Transport

S$100 - S$150

S$100 - S$250

Books & Stationery (depends on course of study)

S$200 – S$300

S$200 – S$300

Personal expenses
(Telecommunication, toiletries, clothing etc.)

S$200 - S$350

S$200 - S$400


S$1,180 - S$2,320

S$1,400 - S$2,750

* Actual cost depends on type of residence and type of room.  For the hostel fees you may refer to the Office of Student Affairs’ Campus Living site.

# Actual rental depends on whether there is room sharing and whether utilities are included in the rent.