Tamsin Emma Maria GREULICH-SMITH

Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre


Tamsin is a skilled communications professional and published author, with international experience in delivering fully integrated strategic communications and change management programmes with award winning results. She has particular expertise in tackling hard-to-solve challenges through design thinking, risk communications, and strategic liaison. She has high profile event management, public relations and media experience.

Having worked in sectors such as transport, planning, civil engineering, nuclear, telecoms, public health and environment, previous clients have included UK Government Department of Health, Bouygues, UK Atomic Energy Authority, British Nuclear Group, Tyne & Wear Integrated Transport Authority, UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Tyne Tunnels 2, the UK Mobile Operators Association, the Australian Mobile Operators Forum, and the UK Rail Safety & Standards Board.

Educational Qualifications/Professional Certifications

  • Master of Science & Diploma of Imperial College in Environmental Technology, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Science, University of North London
  • Cognitive Edge Practitioner’s Certificate
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health

Academic and Professional Experience

Prior to joining ISS, Tamsin was the Managing Director and Co-Owner of UK & Singapore-based innovation company Wood Holmes, which specialised in complex projects in the digital, urban and sustainability spaces. Tamsin oversaw the eventual sale and merger of the company in November 2012.

During her time at Wood Holmes, Tamsin delivered numerous high profile, sensitive projects including the high profile New Tyne Crossing project. She assisted an international consortium headed by Bouygues, one of the largest contracting firms in the world, in bidding to deliver the S$720M Public Private Partnership project in the north east of England, UK. Upon the successful appointment of the consortium in 2007 Tamsin went on to lead strategic communications, public affairs, and partnering activities for the New Tyne Crossing project, aligning the varying expectations and requirements of the project stakeholders. Despite challenging economic, sociopolitical, and environmental circumstances, the project completed ahead of schedule, achieving an outstanding public satisfaction record, and winning the prestigious Major Civil Engineering Project of the Year Award in 2012. Tamsin organised the official opening of the new infrastructure by Her Majesty The Queen in July 2012, and authored the legacy book of the project.

In a consulting role, Tamsin assisted the development and delivery of public consultation and stakeholder engagement programmes for the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), primarily at their Dounreay nuclear facility in the Scottish Highlands. In line with UKAEA’s commitments under the thirty year site restoration plan, numerous consultation programmes were devised in order to ensure robust public input to the Best Practicable Environmental Option studies that would seek to manage the decommissioning of the site. Tamsin has provided support to similar public consultation activities at nuclear facilities across the UK.

Tamsin co-authored the national community consultation handbook on behalf of the British Government’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, into the High Level Safety Case for the siting of a geological repository for high level radioactive waste. Bespoke stakeholder engagement concepts were developed and pre-tested during development of the handbook.

In addition, Tamsin has previously worked in the telecoms sector, initially managing community engagement across London and south east England, and assisting the change process associated with the rollout of the UK mobile network, for Orange. Tamsin went on to contribute to the development of the industry’s ‘Ten Commitments’ model of best practice for network rollout, and subsequently assisted both the British and Australian industry bodies in developing a stakeholder-centric approach to planning and development. Tamsin has delivered risk communications training and authored handbooks to assist the embedding of a new cross-industry planning culture.

Tamsin began her career in local government, working within the Environmental Health department at the London Borough of Barnet. Tamsin moved quickly from addressing public pollution and nuisance breaches, into a health and environmental education role. She became the first jointly-funded post holder between the London Borough of Barnet council and Barnet Health Authority, appointed to align the health promotion objectives of both organisations. She was elected onto the Home Energy & Efficiency Act (HECA) Committee for London and SE England, and was the HECA officer for the borough, responsible for developing and implementing home energy efficiency strategies to meet sustainability targets. She went on to manage the longest running national health campaign at the Department of Health’s Health Education Authority in Westminster, the Heartbeat Award.

Research Interests

  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Communications

Selected Publications

Books/Monographs Authored

  • The Tyne Tunnels”, by T. Greulich, ISBN-13: 978-1908695420, published by NCJ Media (2012)
  • Working With The Community: Handbook on Mobile Telecoms Best Practice”, by T. Greulich & Prof. R. Kemp, ISNB-10: 0-9544444-0-X, MOA UK (2004)

Working Papers

  • Coastal Pathfinder Economic Study” (co-authored) Lincolnshire County Council, UK, 2012
  • Narratives & Public Perception of Risk” (co-authored) Risk & Regulation Advisory Council, UK, 2009
  • Communicating Safety Issues for a Geological Repository” (co-authored) PAMINA Stakeholder Report, UK, 2009
  • Assessing Participatory and Dialogue Approaches” (co-authored) Argona EU Research, UK, 2009
  • “T436 Approach to Stakeholder Engagement” (co-authored) Rail Safety & Standards Board, UK, 2005
  • Site Deployment Consultation Handbook” (co-authored) Mobile Carriers Forum, Australia, 2004

What I Teach

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