Darryl NG

Lecturer & Consultant, Software Engineering & Design Practice


Darryl  is currently a Project Specialist in Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS). His involvement with ISS includes developing courseware, teaching graduate and public courses in .NET technologies, etc.

He has twenty years of experience in areas of software engineering practices across different industry domains, namely avionics controls and management, manufacturing projects that process and analyse output defects to hardware degradation, supply chain logistics management, e-government project for taxation and REITS management, and learning and training system and tools, etc.

There is no limits to learning, and there is no boundary to who you learn from. The importance of continuous education and learning has propelled him to transit from the software industry into the learning landscape where he moves on as an adjunct lecturer in a technical institution, and a passionate freelance trainer with various training providers in leadership and soft skills training through experiential learning methodology, follow by being a full-time lecturer with a local IHL. He believes in education and training that adds values to produce competent workforce that will enhance the economy and society for improved service, productivity and performance.

What I Teach

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