Public Service Innovation

Public Service Innovation enables governments to tackle civic challenges in new ways, enhancing the design and delivery of public goods and services for the beneficiaries. The pursuit of Public Service Innovation requires meticulous planning, leadership and stakeholder alignment. Public service officers have to learn to identify social and aspirational issues that are important to the individual citizen. An understanding of these issues enables governments to design better communication and education programmes to overcome public inertia towards new technologies, while making applications intuitive to use.

Public Service Innovation is defined by:

  • Integration of policies and processes between government agencies

  • Transparency of public services and procedures

  • Accessibility of services and intuitive applications

Together, these layers contribute towards creating improvements in outcomes, and making public services easily and conveniently available to all citizens, and as a result, generating positive citizen experience

With Public Service Innovation, governments can expect stronger alignment between public policies and citizen needs. Technology becomes an enabler to the implementation and monitoring of these policies, while citizens can expect improved accessibility to quality public services.