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NU-ISS Learning Day 2016The NUS-ISS Learning Day is back again this year with the latest industry topics and insights from our teaching staff, from across five key tracks - Analytics, Development/Engineering, Digital Innovation & Design, Digital Leadership, Project Management. You can also explore our graduate programmes by attending the preview talks.

At last year's Learning Day, we saw over 200 industry professionals participating in an afternoon of presentations, discussions and workshops.

Here are some of the feedback which we have received from the participants last year:

  • "I enjoyed the bite-sized sessions on the different topics!"
    - Ira Noviani, Skyscanner Pte Ltd

  • "I heard some new interesting concepts, such as horizon scanning, at the Learning Day."
    - Freddie Yeo, DBS

  • "I was able to get well-rounded view on the different perspective of IT, such as agile, analytics, business process management, entrepreneurship, etc."
    - Ajoy Pushilal, Alcatel-Lucent Singapore

If you missed the event last year, join us this year for a day of learning and networking at the NUS-ISS Learning Day 2016!

Who Should Attend
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Managers
  • Experience Design Teams
  • Information Analysts
  • Information Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Project Leads
  • Project Managers
  • Software Architects
  • Software Designers
  • Software Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Systems Analysts
Date / Time / Venue
  • 15 July 2016, Friday
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Institute of Systems Science, NUS
    25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace,
    Singapore 119615
  • Shuttle bus to/fro nearby MRT station is available. For more information, click here
Free Admission Register Now Registration ends
on Wednesday, 13 July 2016.

Please register for only one session per time slot. Seats are limited for some sessions and entry is on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

You can claim up to 9 PDUs depending on the session(s) you attend.

Learning Day Presentations, Demonstrations and Workshops

To allow you to learn in different ways, our Learning Day has been designed to let you experience a variety of topics in three formats:

1) Presentations

Presentations will feature talks & panel discussions conducted by one or more experts. The presentations cover the key topics in the industry – Digital Leadership, Innovation and Big Data, where you will hear about the latest developments and how you can leverage on them.

2) Demonstrations

Demonstrations provide a walkthrough for the different topics and technology, that will allow you to observe upclose and ask any questions you have on the spot.

3) Workshops

These hands-on workshops offer you a chance to put into practice the skills and techniques that you will learn, so that you can immediately apply them in your workplace. Workshops will be carried out in a small group settings as well.

Graduate Programmes Preview Talks

For a deeper learning experience and to fulfil your aspiration of furthering your studies, you may want to join us for our Graduate Programmes Preview Talks. Featuring our Master of Technology programmes in Software Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Enterprise Business Analytics and IT Leadership, as well as our Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis, explore your options and pose any questions you have to our programme chiefs.

Here’s why you should spend the day with us at the NUS-ISS Learning Day

Programme Overview

Time Format Session
10:00am Presentation

Project Management Track
Agile Demystified - The Secret to Building Capacity through Agile
By Mr Tan Liong Choon, Associate, Project Management

Singapore Workers has been known to work the longest hours. Yet calls for higher productivity and being agile are still growing. Does working longer automatically means more productive? What does “being Agile” mean? Join us to learn how you can live the agile principles to build capacity and enhance productivity.

1 PDU available


Development/Engineering Track
Mobilising Your Organisation
By Dr. Esther Tan, Chief, Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis

As the world moves on to the 3rd computing platform with mobile, social media, cloud and analytics, mobile is deemed to be the main channel delivering the services. Isyour organisation ready for this shift? How much of your services are available on mobile? How to enable and extend your services unto the mobile platform? Come and find the answers together with us.

0.5 PDU available
  Preview Talk

Graduate Programmes Track
Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics Preview Talk
By Dr. Barry Adrian Shepherd, Chief, Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics Programme


Project Management Track
Outsourcing Failures - Is it Possible to Manage Them to Ensure A Successful Partnership?
By Mr. Richard Tan, Member, Project Management

The current disruptive business environment and outsourcing is a lethal combination that may potentially lead to outsourcing failures that cannot be tolerated. It forces us to review our outsourcing strategies, objectives and anticipated benefits through a new set of the agile lenses. To succeed, we must formulate and implement effective strategies to ensure successful outsourcing engagements.

1 PDU available

Digital Leadership Track
Negotiation in the New Digital Economy
By Mr. Michael Tan, Associate, Business Analysis

Not everyone you deal with is going to share your view of what a problem or solution is. Beside perspective, there are dynamics which influence a person’s stand. Through playing a $2 game, you’ll gain a better insight into some of these negotiation dynamics and give you an advantage when you negotiate with the next person.

1.5 PDU available

Digital Leadership Track
The Digital Mindset - Do You have What It Takes to Help Your CEO Grow the Business?
By Mr. Tan Peng Wei, Chief, IT Strategy & Management

This session will share the key characteristics of being a Digital Leader and what key skills one should adopt to become an ally with his / her senior managers.

0.5 PDU available
11:00am Preview Talk

Graduate Programmes Track
Master of Technology in Software Engineering Preview Talk
By Mr. Heng Boon Kui, Associate, Software Engineering & Design

11:30am Presentation

Project Management Track
What Other IT Management Skills should IT Project Managers have besides Project Management?
By Mr. Goh Boon Nam, Chief, IT Service Management

What’s next after your project management training and perhaps, certification (e.g. PMP)? Any other IT management skills that can help advance your career? What about IT Service Management, Programme Management, Portfolio Management/Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance etc.? This presentation will give an end-to-end view of IT management to help project managers plan their upskilling to help in their career advancement.

1 PDU available

Analytics Track
Big Data Analytics
By Francisco Liwa, Senior Development Engineer, Nanu

A real-time descriptive data analytics of your data seating inside of your NoSQL database. A time series data will be index to the lucene-based search server called ElasticSearch. This indexed data will then be visualised through the visualisation tool called Kibana. This tool can show charts, trends, maps and graphs based on your data. You can customise the filters to really get what you want from your data.  With this demo, the audience will learn how to quickly understand and get insights from their data.
  Presentation Project Management Track
Project Benefits Realisation: Begin with the End in Mind

By Mr. Lee Boon Kee, Member, Project Management

What do project managers do to be successful in the projects they manage? They always begin with the end in mind. This means they have to work with the key stakeholders to uncover the project’s goals and justification, and visualise the end state when all changes have taken place and the benefits have been realised. Project is truly successful only if it delivers the benefits the organization envisioned at the beginning and only if the stakeholders are happy with the outcome. As such, project benefits realisation has become a vital driver for projects and it is now more common to assess the success of a project by achieving its benefits rather than evaluating the success through its deliverables and the traditional measures of time, cost, and scope.  There is a need for project managers to build a strong foundation to ensure alignment of strategic goals of the business, together with a well-planned change management strategy that will enable greater success in the realisation of the project benefits.

1 PDU available

Digital Innovation & Design Track
Digital Storytelling
By Mr. Chia Han-Leon, Lecturer, Enterprise Social Business

Digital Storytelling is an old art with a new platform. In this day and age of social media, its place as a force in marketing, persuasion and trust building is well-known, though few are the companies that excel in it. Join this session to learn more about the “write” way to win customers today.

0.5 PDU available

Digital Leadership Track
Business Process Reengineering – Seeking Breakthrough to stay competitive in the Digital Economy.
By Mr. Yu Chen Kuang, Member, Business Analysis

This session will explore the need to think radically in areas such as Customer Experience engagement or Operational Processes to enable your Companies to adapt, innovate and growth in Digital economy.

0.5 PDU available
12:00pm Preview Talk

Graduate Programmes Track
Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering Preview Talk
By Mr. Charles Pang, Chief, Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering Programme

1:00pm Presentation

Development/Engineering Track
Tech Product Management - From Viable to Growth and Scale
By Nadine Yap, Chief Product Officer, Temasys Communications

The role of product manager generally encompasses three areas: Defining the User experience, the technology and implementation, and making sure it is aligned with with the business strategy. Not every product management job is the same - it varies by type of product, type of company, and the stage in the product lifecycle. This presentation will talk about what early stage product management at an internet startup looks like, and how it evolves as the company grows and the product scales.

1 PDU available

Digital Innovation & Design Track
Digital Disruption - We are only at the Beginning - Preparing Yourself for the Digital Future
By Mr. Stuart Smith, Chief, Digital Innovation & Design

Coming soon.

0.5 PDU available

Analytics Track
Data Visualisation/Infographics
By Mr. Cai YuhaoSoftware Engineer, Applied Research, and Mr. Brandon Ng, Associate, Intelligent Systems 

Data visualisation is a powerful tool that allows you to make the complex simple and communicate effectively to your audience. In this workshop, learn how you can create beautiful infographics, which is one of the most popular forms of data visualisation.

Project Management Track
Productisation - the new thinking in managing stakeholders and IT systems
By Mr. Daniel Boey, Chief, Project Management

You are a vendor that builds and integrate systems for clients and are looking for ways to improve reuse and get better margins through building core products. You are in the regional HQ and have to build integrated global and regional IT systems but each site has common and different requirements.

Recently many situations have arisen where product management principles and best practices are used to understand your stakeholders, market and manage your IT systems and products to internal/external customers. This talk will explain how to address some of these scenarios using best practices from product management.

1 PDU available


Digital Leadership Track
Cybersecurity - Are You Prepared for the Risk of Operating Your Business in the Digital Economy?
By Ms. Angela Huang, Associate, IT Strategy & Management

This session will share the potential security risks and insider threats that need to be managed for companies to navigate in the Digital Economy.

0.5 PDU available
2:30pm Presentation

Project Management Track
Smart Leadership for Digital Projects
By Ms. Felicitas Seah, Member, Project Management, and Mr. Tan Tzann Chang, Member, Project Management

Project managers must ride the waves of change as Organizations embrace digital disruption for transformation in business.  Projects are expected to be Agile in development and deployment, deliver a delightful User Experience (UX),  leverage Social Media platforms for outreach and connection, exploit Big Data and Analytics to gain insights for the business, embrace Cloud offerings for cost savings and ubiquitous accessibility and innovate using IoT. 

How does a Project Manager make sense of the changing landscape to remain relevant in the digital economy? SMART leadership for digital projects discusses the challenges facing the Project Manager and explores what it takes for the Project Manager to survive and succeed.

1 PDU available 


Digital Innovation & Design Track
How to Beat Google and Build Your Own Advertising Network
By Mr. Alex Titlyanov, Chief Technology Officer, Trakinvest

Coming soon.

Digital Innovation & Design Track
Hands-on with Mobile Experience Design
By Mr. Choo Zhi Min, Consultant, Digital Innovation & Design, and Ms. Saisudha Rajagopal, Consultant, Digital Innovation & Design

A quick overview of the process and techniques in mobile user experience design. Learn about mobile design patterns, prototyping and usability testing techniques. Join the hands-on session to create your own prototype and test it!

0.75 PDU available

Development/Engineering Track
Code to Cloud
By Mr. Lee Chuk Munn, Member, Software Engineering & Design

There has never been a better time for enterprise, startups, developers and hobbyist to realise your business idea. In this step-by-step instructor-led workshop, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at writing an application for online watering holes (a.k.a. messaging platforms) like Line, Slack, Telegram, WeChat, etc. Note: If you would like to participate in this workshop, you will need to setup your PC/notebook. Please click here for the instruction.

Digital Leadership Track
"If you can't communicate simply, you don't understand it well enough" (Albert Einstein) - Are You able to Communicate Effectively with Your Senior Management?
By Ms. Tamsin Greulich-Smith, Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre

This session will discuss considerations on the preparation needed to communicate with your C-Level Executives for buy-in in implementing new technologies.

1 PDU available
4:00pm Workshop

Analytics Track
Customer Analytics
By Dr. Guo Lei, Associate, Analytics and Intelligent Systems

To create personalised customer experiences that drive customer loyalty, organisations need to capture a variety of customer data and analyse it effectively. In this workshop, we will discuss how to translate the massive amounts of captured customer data into strategically relevant, insightful and useful actions. We will introduce customer analytics methods that enable organisations to identify best offers for increasing retention rates, reducing churn, and enhancing margins.

Development/Engineering Track
Agile Fundamentals
By Mr. Michael Tan, Associate, Business Analysis

Agile software development refers to a group of software development methodologies based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising cross-functional teams.

1 PDU available

Development/Engineering Track
Hubot - Chatbot for Serious Things
By Mr. Neerav Kumar, Systems Reliability Engineer, CloudFlare

Making your infrastructure self-serve one command at a time. Chatbots are not just for fun they can also be used for very serious applications like deployment and monitoring. This presentation will show you how to get started with Hubot the original bot that started this bot revolution which we know see on Telegram, Messenger or Whatsapp.
  Preview Talk

Graduate Programmes Track
Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis Preview Talk
By Dr. Esther Tan, Chief, Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis


Development/Engineering Track
iOS SWIFT Programming Workshop
By Mr. Ouh Eng Lieh, Associate, Software Engineering & Design, and Mr. Chia Yuen Kwan, Associate, Software Engineering & Design

Catch a glimpse of how you can develop iOS Apps with SWIFT in this 1 hour crash course!
5:00pm Preview Talk

Graduate Programmes Track
Master of Technology in IT Leadership Preview Talk
By Ms. Lim Hooi Ling, Chief, Master of Technology in IT Leadership Programme

5:30pm Demonstration

Development/Engineering Track
API Mashables
By Mr. Vincent Lau, Visiting Consultant, and Founder of Takatack Technologies

Data and collaboration are some hottest topics in today's booming tech world. Innovators are obsessed with finding new and creative ways to access and harness both. One technological tool that combines the power of the two is APIs. Some of today's biggest tech giants including Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter have long since tapped into the immense market potential that APIs hold. Today, technology has developed past the traditional use of APIs and now users are now able to harness the power of 2, 3, 8 APIs, all at once! Join StackUp adjunct Vincent Lau as he gives a brief glimpse into API Mashups, the newest and biggest thing in APIs.
(Panel Discussion)

Analytics Track
The Good, Bad and Ugly on Data Analytics
By Ms Catherine Khaw, Chief, Intelligent Systems Practice, Dr. Leong Mun Kew, Deputy Director, and Dr. Barry Adrian Shepherd, Chief, MTech Enterprise Business Analytics Programme

For many companies, data analytics can be a source of limitless opportunities, but also one of potential problems and issues. In this panel discussion, hear Catherine Khaw, Dr. Leong Mun Kew and Dr. Barry Shepherd share their insights and perspectives on the good, bad and ugly on data analytics.

0.5 PDU available

Development/Engineering Track
Tiny Components But Big Possibilities
By Dr. Derek Kiong, Member, Software Engineering & Design

IoT allows a merry band of low-cost machines to help automate the human world. The business value of IoT is -- what additional data can make a system run better, and how that data might be made available; or whether existing processes could be further automated.

The talk will show how low-cost sensors and actuators can be put together to give more value to a system.


Project Management Track
Improve IT Project Management and other IT Processes using the Lean Approach
By Mr. Paramasivam Chandrasekaran, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance

Are your IT work processes too complex, too bureaucratic, having too much documentation and not satisfying your users and customers? Come for this talk to learn why it is important to know about Lean IT and how it can help to streamline your IT work processes, reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction.

1 PDU available

*Programme is subjected to changes. Last updated on 20 Jun 2016.

You can claim up to 9 PDUs depending on the session(s) you attend. Click here for more details.

Why Attend - Your Learning Agenda

  • Learn something new

    Discover new developments in your areas, or try out new topics. Expand your knowledge beyond your job role, and in the process, expand your career possibilities. You may even learn from one another during discussion sessions.

  • Get quality updates

    The programme is designed to provide you with insights and skills across a breadth of expert areas. You can trust our teaching staff with an average of 20 years of industry experience to deliver valuable updates to you.

  • Try before you commit

    Get a taste of our executive education programmes at the workshops, where you will get hands-on practice on topics such as refactoring and designing good interfaces, before you sign up for our courses.

  • Network & make new contacts

    Meet over 200 professionals across different industries and job roles.

Programme Highlights

  • Digital Leadership topics on operating and growing your business in the digital economy, as well as communicating effectively with your senior management
  • Data-driven topics – Big data, data analytics, customer analytics and data visualisation, including a panel discussion on the good, bad and ugly on data analytics
  • A wide range of Project Management topics – Agile, IT project management, productisation and digital project management
  • Digital Innovation & Design topics on digital disruption, digital storytelling and mobile experience design
  • Demonstrations on hubots, APIs and advertising networks
  • Graduate programmes Preview Talks

If there are any topics that you would like to hear about at the event, please email us at issmarketing@nus.edu.sg.

Visit our Programme Overview page for the detailed programme.

All our Graduate Programme students go through a project or internship during their course-work to pick up real-world experience. We are proud to showcase our students/alumni’s projects at our Learning Day’s Projects Showcase area on level 2 atrium. You can view projects done by alumni from the Master of Technology and Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis programmes. These projects were completed during their internship/project work with organisations in the various industries. You can also view consulting projects completed by our teaching staff.

Programme Project Name Company Description
Executive Education Programme - Startup & SMEs Practice Y3 Technologies Consulting Project

Y3 Technologies

NUS-ISS worked with Y3 to develop a new multi-tenancy model in software architecture to capture not just the customers’ supply chain, but also that of their whole organisation, as well as their customers. 
Executive Education Programme - IT Planning, Governance & Enterprise Architecture Practice

Development of EMA's Strategic IT Plan

Energy Market Authority (EMA)

NUS-ISS worked with EMA under a joint collaborative model to leverage on each party’s respective capabilities, resources and market access in the development of EMA’s Strategic IT Plan.

Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis

Enhancement of Changi Airport Public & Corporate Website and Building of Microsites

JWT Singapore The roles of the students include testing, debugging, fixing bugs, developing and handling change requests from Changi Airport Group. They have also built microsites for Changi Airport's campaigns.
Phone Banking IT & CRM Transformation OCBC Bank The project seeks to enhance the automation of OCBC’s self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call functions. It seeks to integrate the phone banking system with the host system to automate simple but voluminous activities like customer verification and card activation. It also aims to automate processes within the regional workforce, call flow and performance management and reporting tools which are handled manually currently.
Master of Technology (Enterprise Business Analytics) Automated Stratification of Polyclinic Patients by Care Needs – PatientRank SingHealth Polyclinics This project proposes an automated method of patient stratification according to their care needs by using various heuristic methods (such as analytic hierarchy process) and machine learning methods (such as neural networks). By stratifying its entire patient population, the project sponsor (polyclinic) can then efficiently identify patients for recruitment into specialised programmes, purposefully designed based on varying levels of care needs.
Cognitive Analytics on Hard Disk Drives Failures IBM This project aims to derive actionable insights for product quality improvement and customer usage behavior by analysing failed Seagate Hard Disk Drives (HDD).
Master of Technology (Knowledge Engineering)

Decision Support System for Production Scheduling Yenom Industries This system is designed to assist the production planner to systematise and optimise the production scheduling process.
Singapore Talent Analytics NUS-ISS

This project aims to help job seekers and employers better understand the fast-changing job market in Singapore, in terms of jobs demand/supply and skills trend, enabling them to make informed decision. It also helps job seekers to find potential employers by matching their job profiles with the requirements for the position and vice versa.

Master of Technology (Software Engineering)

XTECH – Event Monitoring System ActionX This system allows companies to organise, book, charge and rent their unused space to interested parties.
Retail Precinct Management System (RPMS) TLI-AP

The Retail Precinct Management System allows users to avoid traffic congestions by predicting the optimised route, and enables goods to be delivered to shopping malls efficiently at lowered costs. Suppliers are also able to track the delivery of their goods.


Location Map

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National University of Singapore
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