Why Singapore?

Singapore, a city island, has been transformed into a leading, vibrant economic hub despite limited land and not having any natural resources. Well thought out public policies, good governance, visionary leadership, deliberate and detailed planning have been cornerstones for Singapore’s success.

The Singapore Government inculcated a culture of innovation and change with its PS21 program that laid foundation of a progressive civil service. Technology was used as an enabler since 1980. However, focused efforts to streamline processes, integrate information flow, as well as the move towards Whole-of-Government philosophy, transformed public service delivery to yield efficiency, transparency, and to provide convenient end-to-end services to citizens, residents and businesses. This has enabled us to anticipate the needs of citizens and engage them proactively to collaborate and co-create solutions for better living conditions and economic growth.

Singapore’s top world rankings in the key sectors of Competitiveness and Business Environment, Economic Performance, Business Legislation and Efficiency, as well as the Government, have made it the ideal destination to learn and experience Digital Government Transformation.

Singapore Rankings 2015 - EDB

Singapore continues to build on its strong foundation, technology-savvy population, and aspires to be the world’s first Smart Nation, harnessing smart ideas and developing them in Singapore.